Sunday, March 13, 2011

Walsh Begins New Phase Of Investigation Into Mob Influence Over District Council

In December Review Officer (“RO”) Dennis Walsh, issued his First Interim Report, which was filed in federal court in Manhattan, accompanied by hundreds of pages of exhibits, and included evidence and troubling allegations that the council remains influenced by the mob and is still a source of cash and illicit benefits for a select few.

“My office has deep historical knowledge and is developing current information about actual and attempted influence of organized crime over the affairs of the district council and the funds,” the RO, wrote in the report. “We have developed sufficient information to reasonably suspect that there are certain district council employees who have been and are currently under the influence of La Cosa Nostra figures.”

The report said individuals involved in running some of the local unions were under scrutiny for similar ties, something that Walsh said was “a matter of grave import” that remained under investigation.

In an email, the RO said he has begun a new phase of investigation pertaining to organized crime influence over the affairs of the District Council, its affiliated local unions and members. As part of the investigation, employees of the District Council are asked to disclose any information that they have about such conduct other than what they may know from the information available from the docketed materials in U.S. v. District Council (90 Civ. 5722) or from media accounts.

Those who say that they have no such information are asked to confirm their response by signing a declaration under penalty of perjury pursuant to Paragraph 5.d of the Stipulation and Order entered on June 3, 2010 (which grants the RO the authority, among other things, to compel sworn statements of any officer, agent, representative, employee, trustee or member of the District Council or the Benefit Funds concerning any matter within the RO’s authority).

All such persons are given a reasonable opportunity to consider their options and to consult with an attorney and may invoke their privilege against self-incrimination. All such persons are required to cooperate with the RO in this undertaking pursuant to Paragraph 7 of the Stipulation and Order. Failure to comply with the undertaking or invocation of the right against self-incrimination may subject persons to action pursuant to Paragraph 7, which makes failure to cooperate an express violation of the Stipulation and Order, as well as Paragraphs 5.b and 5.f.

The investigation is broad in scope and many employees (as well as persons affiliated with the Benefit Funds) can expect to be interviewed in the near future.

Note: We reported that council employees Ray Brugueras, Richard Tuccillo and Paul Pietropaolo have all resigned rather then sign the below declaration.

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  3. Strategically Beneficial move on the part of RO Walsh....the Fear Factor has led to multiple resignations (perjury, fraud, collusion etc) while those resigning run to turn in their UBC Books.

    Excellent move on Walsh's part & it cost all of nothing, less sending it via e-mail or hard copy to the Council Employees, plus the Secretaries time....a simple, yet very effective piece of paper and the results speak for themsleves w/o any undue delays or protracted court battles to remove these folk.

  4. Did I have a post removed John??

  5. I am wondering if Derrico signed Walsh's affadavit? How about Spencer it looks like it is getting a little warmer with forecast for sunnier skys downtown at 395

  6. Simplistic = Immediatley.

    Think of the savings which would have been tolled.

    Or collaterall damage suffered.

  7. Richard: I added your comment, for some reason your comment was not processed. I also emailed it to Dennis Walsh.


    Richard Dorrough said...

    Dear Mr Walsh:

    I know you are reading this blog. As a UBC member I have always asked the relevant question how all this mob corruption took place under McCarrons and Spencers nose. So let me ask another relevant question.

    Has either Doug McCarron or Frank Spencer been required to sign this. If no then why not??If no we who are victims of Spencer whether it be the NYC Council or Empire Council ask you to DEMAND they sign it.Lets watch them refuse. I am sure Spencer will try to exclude himself saying he is an International employee outside your reach. I am sure due to his involvement in the supervision your office can show him he is not.

    My next question please consider more of a plea. No consider me begging your office and the US Attorneys office. Since Olivieri is guilty why have you not followed him to the Empire Council Offices where he was a CHAIRMAN of our fund not just a trustee. Where he was a trustee on multiple Empire Funds. Where his side kick Dale Stuhlmiller is now chairman. How much money do you think he fleeced from the Empire Funds. How many Empire Council Officers belong in jail with Forde. For the sake of our members I am begging you to come to investigate the Empire Council and am asking you to DEMAND all the Empire Officers and Trustees sign this document. When Olivieri was indicted I wrote Spencer a letter asking him to remove Olivieri as Chairman of our fund. His response was that it was "not the Internationals business" and I should contact Patrick Morin of the Empire Council. The same Patrick Morin removed as EST for allegations of corruption and defrauding the membership.

    Many members are suspicious of Spencer and McCarrons true involvement. By at least signing this document they would give themselves more credibility. If they will not sign it we can draw our own conclusions. We would like you to at least demand they sign it.
    We of the Empire Council affiliated locals,yes affiliated with and not members of as the US Attorney has erroneously declared,are under attack from Spencer,Benjamin Glen and "Hatchet Jack" Thomas Garrison. They are taking us over and trying to force us against our will to be placed under the same system that has been in place and corrupted with their support in NYC for 20 years. They have threatened to pull our charter if we try to fight their efforts.We do not have the protection of the consent decree and due to clear conflicts of interest the NLRB and EBSA will not help us. Please bring the might of your office and the US Attorneys office over to the Empire Council. You cannot tell me the US Attorneys Office and your office have not found clear connections to the Empire Council with Oliveri and Forde at the very least.How about the clearest common denominator.Frank Spencer. Your committed to cleaning up the NYC Council.

    Please commit yourself to saving us for the sake of our members.

  8. Lets not forget about Pugliesi he retired for the same reason


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