Thursday, March 10, 2011

Page Six

Another Carpenter Union Leader Bites The Dust...

We hear...THAT Paul Pietropaolo, who reportedly made $152,493 last year as a district council business agent has suddenly resigned. Pietropaolo a former collection agent, was appointed business agent to Local 45 in May by UBC Supervisor Frank Spencer.

Sources say Spencer made the appointment as a favor to Pete Thomassen, the former president of the scandal-scarred carpenters union, who resigned amid revelations of massive spending on steak dinners, junkets and parties. Insiders say Pietropaolo, who join the union 10 years ago, never worked in the field or with tools. He was hired as a security guard from Bo Dietl Associates as a favor, then moved up to collection agent and business agent.


  1. paul will be singing like a songbird now too
    what's up with Rambo was scott aware that this was going down

  2. - Spencer has to go -

  3. brothers, there is a "pecking" order take down the lower food chain first...make them sing like
    irish lassies and lead to the bigger fish in the pond, frankies time will come, but you got to believe and hope that it's dougie that is the real prize for the feds
    remember, justice is slow as long as it comes in time to save our jobs and pensions

  4. Rambo is as crooked as they come he has always looked the other way when it is someone he knows like his crooked cousin abi pay cash and deny everything the two of them should be in jail see ya in da BIG HOUSE


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