Sunday, March 20, 2011

What Will Happen At Monday's Local 157 Meeting?

There has been no official word or information posted on the New York City District Council of Carpenters website pertaining to Review Officer (“RO”) Dennis Walsh, investigation of organized crime influence over the affairs of the District Council, its affiliated local unions and members.

Informed sources say there will be an announcement Monday pertaining to the RO's investigation.

In the event that everything I have posted about the RO's investigation is accurate and the list of individuals netted in the RO's new phase of investigation pertaining to organized crime is accurate, Monday's Local 157 meeting will be very challenging.

Let me ask a question to the forum or you could post your comments here.

If in fact Local 157 President Lawrence D'Errico and Vice President Anthony Pugliese have resigned, according to Section 32 D of the UBC Constitution, the Recording Secretary shall call the meeting to order and those present shall elect a President pro tem.

Section 32 D states: "In the absence of both the President and the Vice President, the Recording Secretary shall call the meeting to order and those present shall elect a President pro tem."

In other words, if I read this correctly, the members present at the meeting would nominate a qualified member or members for president pro tem, and the members present would vote and elect a President pro tem. The President pro tem would then appoint a qualified member Vice President pro tem to fill the vacancy, until such time as an election is held. In this case that would be the regular scheduled executive board election in June 2011.

Also, in the event that President Lawrence D'Errico, and Vice President Anthony Pugliese have not resigned, but have either refused to sign the RO's declaration and/or received a veto letter, and have the audacity to attend the meeting like nothing has happened, we should make a motion and demand they resign immediately.

They should also recuse themselves from any participation in selecting and electing a President pro tem, and turn the meeting over to the Recording Secretary.

In the event they refuse to recuse themselves the members present should boo them off the dais like a bad act until they resign.

Do you agree with my assessment of the situation?



  2. Your take on it is right on John.


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