Saturday, March 12, 2011

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Brugeras third from left.
And Another Carpenter Union Leader Bites The Dust

We hear...THAT council organizer/Local 926 Financial Secretary, Ray Brugeras, has also suddenly resigned last week.

Sources say Brugueras is the third person to resign because he refused to sign an affidavit from the Review Officer, Dennis Walsh, stating he's not connected to or has any knowledge of organized crime influence over the district council. Richard Tuccillo and Paul Pietropaolo also resigned and did not sign the affidavit. 

Brugeras was Director Eddie McWilliams, deputy in Organizing and hired last year at the request of Joe Olivieri, an informed source said.

In November a Manhattan federal jury found Olivieri (56), ex-executive director of the Association of Wall, Ceiling & Carpentry Industries guilty of perjury over a sworn deposition he gave three years ago in a civil RICO case.

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