Sunday, March 6, 2011

District Council Requests Clarification on Manning Provision

Frank Spencer and the International Union have begun their attempt in court to bring full mobility to the NYC District Council. 

From the Councils website: The District Council of Carpenters has petitioned the United States District Court Judge Richard Berman to clarify how to interpret and enforce manning provisions set forth in the Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries of New York, Inc.
This request pertains to the May 26, 2009 “Final Order and Judgment of Contempt and Remedy” regarding the abolishment of contractors being able to make unlimited requests for particular union carpenters, by name, from the OWL.  This order stipulates that the total carpenter workforce on a job site selected by the contractor shall not exceed 67% and 33% provided by the union, however if the number of carpenters required at a particular job site does not divide evenly into this formula then the contractor may select an additional carpenter whose prior employment satisfies paragraph 3 b (iii) of this Order.

As the District Council and the Association have disagreed on the interpretation of the proper ratio under this ruling, we will await a clarification from Judge Berman on the proper job manning ratio to apply that would be in compliance with the Court’s order.  Once the Council receives clarification we will post this information on our website for the membership.

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  2. This is an end run around the membership to achieve full mobility. The UBC has artificially created a mess around the 67/33job manning issue by doing various things like mandating BA's cannot put in job referrals, only contractors can and filing grievances after the fact. They keep council reps so buried in paperwork they can't address any problems associated with this in real time. A pile of grievances are now built up and they'll put it all in front of the Judge and say, "Look, it's not working!" We all need to show up March 22 @10:00 and let the judge see, WE ARE THE INTERESTED PARTIES in this, not just the UBC and the contractor associations.

    Remember, Judge Berman just took over this case, doesn't know the history like Judge Haight did. That's why we all need to show him how important this is to all of us.


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