Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Walsh’s Mob Corruption Probe Leads to D’Errico

You're Fired! Carpenter Boss D'Errico
Breaking News...Informed sources say Local 157 President/Director of Operations and Benefit Fund Trustee, Lawrence D’Errico, 47, has been vetoed by Review Officer Dennis Walsh.

Walsh has been zealously conducting investigations into troubling allegations that the District Council remains influenced by the mob and is still a source of cash and illicit benefits for a select few.

In December Walsh, issued his First Interim Report, and wrote:

“My office has deep historical knowledge and is developing current information about actual and attempted influence of organized crime over the affairs of the district council and the funds,” Walsh wrote in the report. “We have developed sufficient information to reasonably suspect that there are certain district council employees who have been and are currently under the influence of La Cosa Nostra figures.”

The report said individuals involved in running some of the local unions were under scrutiny for similar ties, something that Walsh said was “a matter of grave import.”

Walsh sent D’Errico a letter late Monday vetoing D'Errico's employment as a council representative, allegedly for organized crime associations an informed source said.

In an email seeking comment, Walsh wrote, he "can’t presently comment." The story is still developing, stay tuned...


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  2. J.M.'s Wish list is complete.
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  3. THE list is not finished. There are several more to go. There are several more that will go.


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