Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Carpenter Leader Pugliese Was Forced to Retire or Face Disciplinary Action

Pugliese speaking, with Forde and Sheil.
Local 157 Vice President/Representative Anthony Pugliese was pushed into retirement because he refused to cooperate and sign a declaration under penalty of perjury pertaining to mob influence over the affairs of the District Council, an informed source said.

Pugliese 57, a 35-year UBC member, and for the past 12 years, a Council Representative reportedly making $158,069 and collecting a tools pension, before he unexpectedly retired last week amid a zealous investigation by Review Officer Dennis Walsh, pertaining to organized crime influence over the affairs of the District Council, its affiliated local unions and members.

As part of Walsh’s investigation, employees of the District Council are asked to disclose any information that they have about such conduct other than what they may know from the information available from the docketed materials or from media accounts.

Those who say that they have no such information are asked to confirm their response by signing a declaration under penalty of perjury. Pugliese invoked his privilege against self-incrimination and decided to retire instead of sign the declaration an informed source said.

Pugliese a former organizer was appointed business agent of Local 157 by corrupt former Carpenter boss Mike Forde during the November 2007 phony Local 157 supervision. In 2008 he was elected vice president running on president Lawrence D'Errico's slate.

At a union meeting last August, Pugliese continued to defend and support convicted Forde by declaring "Forde Innocent" and improperly tabled a motion to have the UBC sue Mike Forde and Martin Devereaux for the $800,000 they reimburse themselves for legal fees in 2008 in connection with a September 2000, indictment by the Manhattan District Attorney's office on bribery and racketeering charges.

Last month Pugliese stated, "the work list houses incompetent carpenters and that's why the contractors want to pick and choose who they want working for them."

Also last week we reported that council employees Ray Brugueras, Richard Tuccillo and Paul Pietropaolo all resigned rather than sign the declaration.


  1. Just wondering. If Puggy is gone and ElAwrence is next shouldnt the newly acquired members of 608, who were duly elected as officers of 608, be considered as their replacements by Walsh?? They were elected by vote of the membership the members who are now the majority of 157??They were not removed by the UBC under a cloud or allegations of corruption. Why not submit the request to Walsh Office and see what shakes out.Before you claimit cannot be done.Remember Walshs Office is above the UBC Constitution.It was with McCarron and Spencers support and failure to investigate them that they were still in office which should be considered by Walsh when it comes them to replace them. What about a motion by the membership at the meeting. IF and I mean a big IF that is what the entire membership of 157 wants. Some may want more Spencer and McCarrons appointees.

    Spencer and McCarrons support and appointment of these people should make them both suspect to Walshs office. Somebody compile a list of all those appointed or left in office by Spencer since seizing the Distrtict Council. From that list see HOW MANY OF SPENCERS PEOPLE have been removed, rejected by Walshs office ,resigned or retired suddenly or refused to sign the declaration.See for yourself


  3. spencer was appointed by pres for life mccarron as was walsh. do you really think that walsh is really going to give a shit about any of us? he is just part of a money grab by mccarron,et al. the membership had better wake up before we lose it all.who else did spencer appoint?they are all in on it


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