Sunday, March 6, 2011


To: All Members of the Local Unions of the New York District Council of Carpenters

I intend to form a committee composed of approximately 50 to 75 local union members for the purpose of holding monthly meetings to facilitate my communication with the membership and to inform me directly of any and all issues of concern to the membership and to receive their suggestions regarding improvements to the operation of the District Council and local unions. Meetings will typically be held at the District Council at 4 p.m. Committee member service will be on a volunteer basis.

Any member who would like to be considered by me for appointment to the committee should write a statement of between 250 and 300 words explaining why he or she would like to serve and why I should select them to serve. Include your contact information and local union affiliation.

Please email any such submission or other communications relevant to this notice to, with a copy to The deadline for submissions is March 15, 2011.

Dated: February 27, 2011

Dennis M. Walsh
Review Officer

Updated April,16: Below are the 63 members selected to serve on the committee.

Review Officer Advisory Committee as of April 11, 2011

John Solon, 157, Charles McNally, 157, Norman Saul, 926, Richard Lenihan, 157, Shawn Johnson, 157, John Bevando, 2287, Paul Edwards, 157, Michael King, 157, Thomas McGonnigle, 157, Byron Schuler, 157, James Noonan, 157, Jodi Ann Beatty, 157, Peter Corrigan, 157, Patrick Devers, 1536, Shawn Eichorn, 45, Demian Schroeder, 45, Dan Franco, 157, Michael Connor, 157, Joseph Passero, 1456, Matthew Angelleta, 1536 ,John Dunscomb, 157, Michael Bosco, 157, Victor Saume, 1536, Jay Vecchione, 157, Monique Lee, 157, Mark Kennedy, 157, Luis Simancas, 157, Robert Makowski, 157,  Ruben Colon 157, Bill Walsh, 157, Veronica Session, 926 ,Patrick Nee, 157, Femi Agana, 157, Gerard Gausman, 157, Maggie Sepulveda, 157, Sheldon Johnson, 157, Hugh McHugh, 157, Lawrence Plante, 157, Hector Diaz, 157, Robert Corrigan, 157, Don Arana, 157, Levy Messinetti, 157, Louie Ruocco, 926, Bill Lebo, 45, John Musumeci, 157, Kai Landow, 157, Michael Donnelly, 157, Gregory Butler, 157, Michael Pazderka, 740, William Davenport, 157, Greg Kelty, 157, Matt McGrath, 157, Salvatore Tagliaferro, 926, John Diaz, 157, Olga Aguilar, 157, Jeffrey Adams, 157, Thomas Cavallo, 157, Gary O’Connor, 157, Patrick Smolka, 157, Charles Phipps, 157, Calyx Wellington, 157,Sherene Clark, 926.

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