Sunday, October 16, 2011

Local 157 Delegate Election

On Monday October 24, Local 157 will conduct an election for (48) Delegates to the NYC District Council and one (1) Executive Committee member.

Elections will be held at the New York City District Council of Carpenters Labor Technical College, 395 Hudson Street, from 6:00 a.m through 7:00 p.m, a regular scheduled meeting will follow.

There are (6) independent candidates and three slates of candidates running in the election.

The new delegates will serve for a term of 20 months and approve the upcoming collective bargaining agreement, which most likely will include the UBC's highly controversial full mobility proposal or contractors' insistence on the right to hire 100% of carpenters they choose.

On Wednesday, September 14, delegates to the council voted and approved a Cement League "Memorandum of Understanding" (MOU) by a vote of 45 to 18 and voted and approve a Wall-Ceiling MOU by a vote of 35-28 (the Wall-Ceiling MOU is contingent on full mobility, presently, as per a federal judge's order, contractors must hire a third of their workers through the union's out-of-work-list). 

Full mobility is a big political issue with the membership. The Carpenters United NYC Slate does not mention full mobility in their campaign material and their position remains unclear. Candidates on the Carpenters Alliance Slate support full mobility and have voted in favor of the proposal. The Members Voice Slate is opposed to full mobility and your elected executive board has unanimously voted against the proposal in the delegate body.

Independent candidates are Charlie Eagan, Hugh McHugh, Ken Bluhm, Jerry Matthew, John Dunscomb and Joe Burder, the slates are as follows:

The Carpenters United NYC Slate, includes candidates who previously lost the June 22, officer election, Donny Arana is running for executive committee member.

Mike ConnorRich LenihanJimmy Hogan
George FitzgeraldDan Franco
Eddie HerreroMike LeonardRobert Routier
Byron SchulerFemi AganaDave McCabe
Patrick BrennanGerard HanrahanScott Murray
Mike PowersDwayne WilsonJavier Colpas
Tom CavalloDennis SullivanPatrick Crean
Anthony ProtoCesar BravoJeff Adams
Herman WarrenPatrick CreaneyGerard Gausman
Paul SanabriaPatrick KirwanOtis Reese
William HuvaneMartin Glynn (Louie XIV)Anthony McPhelm
Bill DavenportSteven FuggioMatthew McGrath
Justine KuhnBrian MooneyVinny McGuire
James NoonanBrian GillanJohn Luszcyk
Eddie Peterson
Hercules ReidGerard Hampton
Keith Dowd
Jamie Drinkwater
Mike Bilello
Juan Hernandez

The Carpenters Alliance Slate, includes candidates who are paid council employees, Danny Demorato is running for executive committee member.

Louis NorelliEamonn CareyJohn Guerriero
Martin Costello
Joseph FaithMartin Costello
Bill LaceyGerry BruePhilip Ficarra
Joe NinaVincent DeLessioBrian Conlon
Joe MertensGraham McHughRambo Ibric
John SheehyPaul CapursoRobert McAuliffe
Mitch SonntagSteve McInnisWalter Warzecha
John McCarthyGuy CollinsSean Brosnan
Eddie McWilliamsJoseph DeFilippoJohn Allen
Paul WilloughbyMartin LydonAnthony Charles
Martin MaguireMichael VastarelliPaul Gerdes
Cory KennedyPatrick DowneyFabian Echevarrieta
Elly SpicerSteve SpinazzolaBill Hervey
Glenn HatcherGerard GordonAndy Basile
Joseph ConnollyTom Silletti
Robert Corrigan
Denys Seykora
Brian Lamb

The Members Voice Slate, includes the current elected local 157 executive board, Scottish Tommy McKeown is running for executive committee member.

Chris GroganPete RotoloTommy Weimer
George La MontagneSean Doonan
John Daly Greg KeltyEstelle St. Clair

John MoloneyMatt Seabury
John “Cigars” DeFalcoVincent Fuller Don Foley
Steve SpinelliJoe FisKevin Egan
John “Terror” CartyJames Fisher Felix  Calvito
Levi Messenetti Sean Firth Steve Boal
Kevin Corrigan
Eric George
Charles McNally Mike Donnelly
Danny Zottolla Mike Berlingo Turlough “Sam” Noone
Patrick NeeTommy McGonigle Vincent Spinelli
John Gaffney Kevin McCabeJohn Musumeci
Rodney Henry
Jodie Ann Beatty Gauntlet Holness Jesse Drake
Peter Corrigan Carmine Bonura Danny Dore
John FitzpatrickBilly McKenna Jimmy Kern
Bill Walsh
Marc Elizebeth
Mariano Arocho



  2. That pretty lame you can findout the names
    Of 48 names for each slate but you can't findout the
    5 independent names and put them on your
    Posting here on your site come on John put
    Up the names of the independents or have they got to you too telling you how to run your site I hope to see those
    Names posted in all fairness and as soon as possible it seems you are letting these slates advertise on your site but you are not giving the independents a fair shake please do the fight thing thanks

  3. I found out the names of the independent candidates and included them.

  4. Once again Johhny Moose and his biased reporting why didnt you tell the members the truth that the members voice slate only heeds to the voice of Joe Firth and has many vetoed candidates for the NYCDCC officer election as well as some Mcarron supporters like yourself

  5. To Anonymous you said...Once again Johnny Moose and his biased reporting. Please explain how what I wrote is bias?

    Also I reported all the candidates that Review Officer Dennis Walsh vetoed in the NYCDC officer election. Joe Firth is not a candidate for delegate on the Members Voice Slate.

    The one who is bias is you with your anonymous post.

  6. John, I think part of what anonymous is referring to is your descriptions of the slates: one is described as being comprised of losers, the other is the district council status quo; but the slate you are part of manages to stand on its own name alone, with no attempt by you to describe it at all, let alone refer to its shortcomings. Try this: The 608 heavy slate, including Pat Nee's 157 executive board, and the most number of vetoed candidates for District Council Officer elections.

  7. To Anonymous: I wrote the slates include candidates who previously lost the June 22, candidates who are paid council employees, and candidates on the current elected local 157 executive board. This description is accurate.

  8. I never thought I would see that many hard headed, stubborn people in one place. GIVE EM HELL, lets put NYC carpenters back where they belong.


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