Friday, October 21, 2011

Page Six

We hear...THAT things are clearly getting desperate for the Carpenters Alliance Slate. Members are reporting that National Acoustics is supporting the slate by distributing their campaign material in employee pay checks and Martin Costello (slate member) is cold calling members urging them to vote for the Carpenters Alliance Slate.



  2. National is not supporting any one slate. The flyer made it into the checks by mistake. It was mistakenly thought to be official material from the NYCDCC for distribution.

  3. That is a clear violation of the election rules.

  4. Stop calling my house I had Enough of Alliance CriminalsOctober 22, 2011 at 5:54 PM

    The Carpenter Alliance slate keeps calling my house canvassing votes and it must be Rambo or Capurso because I cant understand a word he says.

    I want to know if this is legal under the consent decree and election rules given the fact that nobody has my phone # except the OWL.

    Are they robbing phone #'s from the list? I gave clear instructions to the OWL people not to allow my phone # out for any other reason because of the District Councils close relationship with the Mafia.

    A members information should be protected, that's not asking too much.


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