Monday, October 17, 2011


The Members Voice Slate Let Your Voices Be Heard!
A new era is upon us, we are approaching the day where we take the first steps necessary toward ending this frustrating 2 1/2 -year long UBC supervision and regain our vote and our voice.

Your vote is your voice—The voice of this union.

We are asking you to use your voice once again to support and vote for the Members Voice Slate as Delegates to the New York City District Council of Carpenters.

Itʼs important to remember that your vote is toward a vision for the future. It is a vote to build a better union we can all be proud of. It is a vote to finally put us on a path where we can protect the interests and rights of our member's above all else.

We have a brand new opportunity for our District Council and the Members Voice Slate is the best opportunity to get it right!

Under the UBC restructuring plan and new council bylaws, all decisions, functions, power of governance, and other terms or conditions of employment that affect you and your family are vested in the Delegate Body.

The Delegate Body is the battlefield where your concerns, ideas and opinions will be defended. We will set this union on the right path that will open up democracy, provide better work opportunities, strengthen our Benefit Funds and protect the rights of our members.

Carpenters have been abused in the most egregious ways over the last decade, the RICO corruption, the dismal performance of the UBC supervision, the dissolution of locals, the frustration of having no voice in union affairs and the loss of work opportunities for our membersʼ. The cavalier attitude of our leaders toward the rights of members fueled the cynicism and apathy we see in our membership today.

If our union is to survive and overcome corruption, supervision, court orders, monitoring and loss of man-hours, it's vitally important that leaders be held not to the lowest standard, but to a higher standard. It's also vitally important that members have full faith in the integrity of their leaders.

Leaders are there to serve the membership—not the other way around; this is our commitment to you.

Together, the current executive board, the Members Voice Slate and you, the members, will bring our union into a new era that secures a better future for all carpenters.

We, the Members Voice Slate, understand the concerns of the rank and file because we are ALL rank and file members just like you!!!

The issues and challenges we face today in this election are real and crucial to your future, your familiesʼ future, and the future of this union.

We are counting on members and friends like you to give our candidates all your support during the campaign and we urge you to come out and vote on Election Day!

Serious problems need serious people. Your vote for the Members Voice Slate will put people of experience, integrity and honesty into elected office to represent you, promote opportunity, advocate union democracy, and protect your rights by solving the issues and challenges which confront our union today.

Remember on Election Day, October 24, 2011—Vote the Members Voice Slate and become part of the change we need!

God bless you and God bless our Union.

Executive Committee Member: Scottish Tommy McKeown 

Delegates to the New York City District Council of Carpenters.

Chris GroganPete RotoloTommy Weimer
George La MontagneSean Doonan
John Daly Greg KeltyEstelle St. Clair

John MoloneyMatt Seabury
John “Cigars” DeFalcoVincent Fuller Don Foley
Steve SpinelliJoe FisKevin Egan
John “Terror” CartyJames Fisher Felix  Calvito
Levi Messenetti Sean Firth Steve Boal
Kevin Corrigan
Eric George
Charles McNally Mike Donnelly
Danny Zottolla Mike Berlingo Turlough “Sam” Noone
Patrick NeeTommy McGonigle Vincent Spinelli
John Gaffney Kevin McCabeJohn Musumeci
Rodney Henry
Jodie Ann Beatty Gauntlet Holness Jesse Drake
Peter Corrigan Carmine Bonura Danny Dore
John FitzpatrickBilly McKenna Jimmy Kern
Bill Walsh
Marc Elizebeth
Mariano Arocho


  1. nice letter but d.walsh will not let most of that slate take office.i know most of you,its not personnel but come on now.

  2. drop dead john daly

  3. smile for the veto assholes.

  4. Observations: John Musumeci the narcissist, in center basking with anticipation of posting the pic on his blog. Tommy McGonnigle, class clown. Bill Walsh kissing Irish ass with the shamrock on his tit. Pat Nee, swell mob boss suit and attitude, half smoked cig at side, nice touch. Greg Kelty, had to take his jacket off to fall in line with the underlings, a knee on the ground is a little much for a player, ow! Don't forget the fat guy (how could you) does he take up two places on the ballot as well?

  5. Btw: who's the guy hiding behind Pete Corrigan? Joe Firth?

  6. Brothers and sisters I ask you to take you time when you enter the voting booth just don't click levers without looking at the names you are voting for if you don't know them findout about them before you vote years of service and so on look take your time when you go in the voting booth this is a very important time and Avery important election I say if you don't know them don't vote for them also there is nothing that says you have to vote for the whole slate you can pick and choose between slates a sort of mix and match kind of thing use your head don't believe the hype
    And put the people in that you believe are not going to be easily influenced or be wooed by the riches and false promises of mccarron or his lackeys but most of all tell everyone you know to come down and vote on October 24th this is one of the most important elections of our time
    See ya there and hope to see alot of my brothers and sisters that normally don't vote down there


  8. How soon can you all get cancer ?

  9. This the members voice chosen by Pat Nee:
    Posted by Pat Nee-
    First I am not “suggesting” that councils have stripped the locals of their powers, I am simply stating the reality. Locals have no powers associated with a labor organization.
    Perhaps if I put it another way. What functions are performed by a local which make them useful to members.
    Posted by Pat Nee-
    I can not see how you feel that this would be more than a minor irritation for McCarron.
    There is nothing you could use to stop McCarron from dissolving your local. This is a fact and even if you could, to what avail?
    What would you have then? A powerless local? I keep asking what powers do you think your local possesses and you fail to respond. What do you think you can achieve with a local? It is powerless and that is simply the reality.

    This is the voice for 157??? Not only this but 7 of the 16 vetoed were nee choices


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