Sunday, October 9, 2011

Full Mobility a good thing?

By Chico Zen

I have yet to hear why full mobility is a good thing for the union. One of the stipulations discussed:

"the contractors must agree to in order to have full mobility including that there will only be NYC District Council of Carpenters on the job site."

Yeah! Awesome!!! Finally dealing with the travesty of non-nycdcc members getting a large number of NYC jobs.

OK, so what will stop NJ, LI, CT members from switching their books? How easy or hard will it be for people to switch their books? You know what? They haven't addressed cause they haven't thought about it.

Don't tell me your for full mobility because the OWL is broken. The OWL is broken, what has the union done to fix it? They tell me, "we can't fix it cause we don't run the list." OK, so the union can't come up with list of improvements to present to the government? No effort to look at why and how the OWL is hurting our union?

There is no effort to fix the list because full mobility is something Douglas McCarron wants and the NYCDCC has become a group of mindless minions. They are pushing it because they have to and it makes me SICK.

Is full mobility needed? The argument is that the union is providing workers that don't have the skill set or the skill level requested IF they even bothered to show up or show up in time or show up with tools or the right tools. The union's position is to tell the worker's not to list skills they don't have. When people need to work, they will do whatever they have to if they think they will get an opportunity. It's not practical to allow members to lists themselves.

I never hear about what we are doing to control the quality of union carpenters. Hey let the contractors decide. Because we all know that when a contractor picks their workers they are ALL of the highest skill. C'mon!!!

I heard that with full mobility the union will rid itself of the dead weight and stream line the membership? Only full mobility will do that? We can't take control of who keeps their membership?

Do you think we will ever go back to the terms before PLA's? PLA's terms are here to stay and for those who have been around for years know that once you give it back, we are not getting it back. Do you really want to give 100% hiring control to the companies?

So if the union will no longer have a say and who gets work opportunities and/or defend you when you are discriminated or threaten? What is the point of the union?

Or am i missing something here??


  1. This question of how easy to change books will come in the form of Local 395 presented by Doug the Shitbag MCCarron. The fix is in Dennis Walsh and the UBC cant wait to implement this neocon fairytale that is your answer my friend .Do you like it?

  2. We have to get on the ball we have to have out
    Carpenters in NYC put to work first we have to start a separate new list for transfers after a certain date like tomorrow we have to insist on certain certifications be made mandatory in order to work in NYC we have to make these mandatory certifications a safety requirement we have to make English a mandatory requirement to work on a job and you should have to have a class that you pay for yourself to learn English this would be the first step in order to get in the union then these persons will be tested by us when they enter our school if they don't pass our union test they are banned from joining because they haven't told us the truth in their first step to join us they government has said it was here to stop corruption it has stopped members from getting their relations in this union they the government have to understand that families and relations are what built this local and union I've seen the effects of getting rid of members ability to get family members and relations in no accountability no structure behind new members to reinforce the work ethic required no respect for the older members who I might add teach these younger members on the jobs years ago we took care of most problems in the feild by ourselves a member could let the father of a member know his relation was out of hand that father would straighten that member out just the fear of a member knowing his father or uncle or brother finding out he was out of line was all you needed sometimes we had our own governing system and we prospered and grew for alot of years we have to look back at our history and start to incorporate again the things that made us great and strong we didn't need government intervention we did it ourselves and survived for along time I believe we still have that spirit among us so let's get to work brothers and sisters

  3. You got it!

    Reversion of 100% Control to the Contractors Associations (the Employers) accomplishes three things.

    1) It renders the Out of Work List (OWL) or Hall Carpenter as meaningless

    2) It renders the Local Union's powerless and a thing of the past

    3) It negates the purpose of the Union in its entirety and will signify the end of Unions altogether.

    And that my friends is what drives the Corporate Billionaire and Developer class, Elimination of all Unions and a full return to the days of Robber Barrons of yesteryear.

    To hell with the 8-hour day, To hell with paid Holidays (we've never been paid for them), to hell with OSHA or Safety bring on the Piece Work and bring back the 10 and 12-hours days and eliminate all forms of Overtime compensation.

    History does repeat itself, and that is what is in play here right now, courtesy of Doug McCarron, disgraced Judge Kenneth Conboy, his Esq. Dennis Walsh and the useless and spineless United States Attorney Benjamin Torrance.

    McCarron has systematically brought back the 10-hour Day, One Regional Council at a time (4-10's)with Friday or Saturday as makeup days, at straight time if you have not gone over 40 man-hours (so you've already lost O.T.) He has done the same thing with Double Time.

    Soon you will be on OBAMACARE or a very reduced HMO with shit for benefits for you & yours. But like Congress, those at the top of the Dictatorial Command Center shall take the best of everything the World has to offer.

    It's only right you know - just ask Doug....afterall, he earned it right?



  6. I'm retired now, thank God! I never was proud to be union working along side with the shit that came from the hall. Can't count how many times a guy showed up an hour or more late and wanted full pay, cause it wasn't his fault. Another drunk and unable to function. The stories I can tell! We protected these guys and sent them out over and over again! Oh I know....I was the problem...right.

  7. The District Council needs a motion/by-law change by the newly Elected CDB come January to no longer accept any State or Federal Funding for the Apprenticeship Program.

    The NYCDCC is a private non-profit Organization. Once you return to that status in full, then and only them can you forego the mandatory Lottery System as a means to bring in new recruits.

    There should be a 3-year moratorium attached as well, wherein no new members are taken in. We simply do not need them now. Let the shitbums drop out.

    After that you can bring back the old rules for sponsoring competent members into the NYCDCC. You can also incude rules granting preferences (vocationial school education and training, employment history, references etc.) as you see fit, verses being told who to accept by the Government.

  8. i am in the union 24 years and i can say some off the guys that come from the hall are disgrace full and if they had some thing to do at home they would call a carpenter so bring on full mobility i am tierd off working carrying dead weight

  9. This is not a union. Bring them in, take their dues, let them starve. what a brotherhood

  10. This is what mobility gets you

  11. Your all in chains.Your reality is enslaved your all in chains


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