Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Message From Local 157 President Patrick Nee

Dear Brothers and Sisters: 

The primary purpose of the Members Voice Slate is to bring about fundamental changes that will bring our union into the future. Through your support we were elected to office and we are working very hard to achieve these goals. The entire executive board thanks you and we need your continued support. 

We, the Local 157 elected officials have assembled a group of dedicated men and women who are committed to achieving the changes our union desperately need.

Working together both the delegate body and executive board will be able to make the needed changes. 

This new delegate body will be responsible to you. We hear your demand for change, now we ask you to empower us to make these changes. That is our commitment to you.

It’s important to remember that your vote wasn’t just a vote for my candidacy
it was a vote towards a vision for the future of our union. It was a vote to build a better union we can all be proud of. It was a vote to finally put us on a path where we can protect the interests and rights of our member's above all else.

Once again, I am asking for your support and help elect the Members Voice Slate as Delegates to the New York City District Council of Carpenters. 

Your vote in this election is crucial in keeping our commitment to you in fighting for and protecting your rights. The battlefield where that fight will be waged is in the Delegate Body.

Under the UBC restructuring and Council bylaws, the local union executive board has no role, power or authority to participate in the governance of the District Council. All functions and power of governance and other terms or conditions of employment that affect you and your family are vested in the District Council Officers and Delegate Body.

With your continued support we can keep our commitment to you to build a better union and ensure your rights are being protected.  

Carpenters have been abused in the most egregious ways over the last decade. The RICO corruption has taken its toll on all of us. The performance of the UBC supervision has been dismal at best. We are experiencing the worst construction downturn in our city's history since the Great Depression.

If our union is to survive and overcome corruption, supervision, court orders, monitoring and loss of man-hours, it's vitally important that leaders be to the highest standards. It's also vitally important that members have full faith in the integrity of their leaders.  

Leaders are there to serve the membership not the other way around, and the Members Voice Slate plan to fully live up to your expectations.

The issues and challenges we face today in this election are real and crucial to both your future, your families future and the future of this union. We need to address these issues head on and find solutions to the problems of rising health care cost, underfunded pensions, over assessed membership, making sure our contracts are fair and being enforced, hold cheating contractors accountable and find ways to increase man-hours and job opportunities for our members.

That is why I am urging you come out and vote for the Members Voice Slate.

We have a brand new opportunity for our District Council and the Members Voice Slate is the best opportunity to get it right. 

The candidates of the Members Voice Slate were selected because they are just as committed to our union as you and I. They have a deep passion and strong belief to set this union on the right path for you and your families.

These candidates understand the concerns of the rank and file because they are ALL rank and file members just like you!!!  

We've got serious problems, and we need serious people to solve them. We are counting on members and friends like you to give our candidates your all out support and come to the District Council on Monday October 24 and Vote The Bottom Line—Vote The Members Voice Slate and Lets Take Back Our District Council!

God bless you and God bless our Union.

Patrick Nee
President Local 157



  1. Pat Mee you only won the election at the local because Joe Firth gave you the nod and all the old 157 vote stayed home not this time Patty boy your mismanagement of the unions funds and lack of information coming forth in a timely manor(no Website or power point at the meetings) and your unholy alliance with Johnny "The Rug"Moose (ask him to show you his pics with Mcarron)is going to do your whole slate in but in all that I didn`t agree with Walshes decision to veto most of the candidates in the DC election but I don`t agree with your backing of Franco just to spite Walsh but whatever Joe tells you to do your gonna do....Pete


  3. How many messages from Member's Slate will be posted on this blog in the next two days? I bet 3 more time.

    Just threw up in my mouth.

    You guys couldn't put a website together? Not worth my vote. They are FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. a question for brother Nee, how mamy on your slate got vetoed for the EST election?

  5. show the members veto slate the door monday.send these leftover unity team bottom feeding scumbags packing for good.

  6. He just said a whole lot of nothing. He sounds like the old guys already. He's not even a good liar. You can see right threw the bullshit. Let's build a bright future, together we can do great things- we stand for justice and liberty, we face great challenges but our determineation will overcome All obsticles that stand in our way.YADA-YADA-YADA,A whole lot of talking but you ain't saying nothing.

  7. Veto veto veto keys finish the job at hand it makes me sad that the slates are abusing these sites and membership info including home numbers and calling houses pressuring people to vote one way let's end this harassment once and for all lets all vote in new people who will answer to the membership and no one else you know who they are and we will prevail we have the chained right now don't let it slip away go vote Monday send a message loud and clear that we the membership have eaten enough of this shot and will fill our ranks with new people vote vote vote no paid employees no yes voters on anything against the membership hey hey goodbye naaa na nassa hey hey goodbye

  8. Donny, the guy does his talking when we need him to. When you have stood up for the members like this guy, then you can talk. Maybe if this guy had run for the 608 eboard instead of you, I might still be in 608. Stop trying to knock the only guy that I can see that is doing something for the members and lets see if we can't shoulder some of his burden. He has my vote and he should have yours too.


  9. Thank the crooks that ran 608 the last 20 years for destroying 608 not me. Are you deaf, dumb, and blind. Also Tommy mcgonigle was pres when 608 got dissolved and is currently nee' s vp- you forgot to blame him too, how convent. Its called selective memory. Everybody see' threw you.Your one of them

  10. The last post was from me-Donny Arana

  11. Are you truly listening to this guy and do you really want to follow who he is putting up as delegates. This is the same guy who told Berman the locals are worthless and they should make him a council officer and cut up the power between him and other council officers. This is the same guy who tried to appoint Cary Kane as the Local 157 lawyers in front of Berman BEFORE he was seated as 157 President and without the vote of the 157 membership.Funny during the last election he and his slate REFUSED to admit they were even associated with Cary Kane. This is the same guy who claims he was elected to 157 office by the voice and will of the 157 membership when the fact is he was elected by 350 of 8000. Hardly the voice of 157.Lets not talk about his history or limited time in the UBC
    Lets look at the Pat Nee who came to this blog to defend the actions of McCarron and the UBC while he was attacking every single rank and file effort to fight McCarron.These are his posts on this site. They are still on this site and he has not changed one single bit:

    "The current powerless locals should be dissolved as they are only powerless money pits"

    "Why do I need a local in NYC? The council is as close as my union meeting hall."

    "I personally am tired of reading a list of what is wrong with this union"

    "The UBCJA is not going to suddenly cave in and give members back all the rights that they worked so hard to take from them, I am sorry, but I do not see a petition doing much"

    "Your local is not a labor union."

    "Where are you getting this notion that there is some benefit to be had from your local?"

    "I am not using trickery, or twisting facts, I am asking you to give me one example of what your local does which makes it of value."

    "That locals are not needed to facilitate the workings of the union."

    "With all the talk of needing a strong local, an independent local, that locals are the heart and soul of a union, why is there no one who can show anything that can or was done by a local"

    " I just cannot see any value being placed on a local by the members of that local."

    "Why should members be interested in having a local to provide checks and balances for McCarron? "

    We could go on all day. Its bad enough this guy weaseled his way into the Presidency of 157 with 350 votes but now he wants to pick your delegates who with the collusion of Walsh, the UBC and people like Nee will be your only voice in your future.God help you...If Pat Nee so believes in the destruction of your local as is clear by his own posted statements why did he run for Local Office and not council office.

  12. Good to have you back Richard, we need a bastion of moral fortitude right now, oh wait, you cut and ran and are now a scab. I have heard Pat saying all of those things, can you answer the questions he posed? How is local 370 doing these days?

  13. Donny, the difference was that tommy did not go on the web telling everyone how happy he was that 608 was dissolved the next day.

  14. Quote from 608 said:'Maybe if this guy had run for the 608 eboard instead of you, I might still be in 608'. Tommy Mcgonigle did run for 608 eboard and he wo -he was president and know is nee's vice president.

  15. Here is some more important info 608. What do you say about this???????

  16. I say you are desperately trying to deflect attention away from the fact that you sold out the members of 608. I read that stuff last week. Old news, those guys have already responded to that bullshit.

  17. Donny, the difference was that tommy did not go on the web telling everyone how happy he was that 608 was dissolved the next day.

  18. oh wait, you cut and ran and are now a scab

    Funny we are a chartered local of the AFL-CIO and you are not so who is the scab Union?? YOU ARE. We did not run anywhere. We are still in the same place but have chosen a path that will beat McCarron And his UBC rat boys.Unlike you who will remain stomped,crushed,robbed raped and defeated. Sorry if we choose not to join you any longer in your servitude.
    You can find us at Carpenters Independent Local #1 423 New Karner Road Ste 7 Albany NY. If we are not there on Monday November 1st you can find us seated at the Albany Building and Trades meeting as an AFL-CIO affiliated Union. Guess who you will not find there. So who is the scab. You is the Scab.

    If you have heard Pat say all those things how could you possibly support him. These are not questions to be answered .These are statements of a fool o=intent on selling out local 157 and he wants voters to put in these delegates.

    Which is you favorite statement made by a Local President duly sworn to protect the Local and its members NOT the council.Mine is

    "The current powerless locals should be dissolved as they are only powerless money pits"

    I am curious as well. How many of his slate did get vetoed

  19. Local 370, is that a powerful local, Richard?


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