Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Court Conference Transcripts of September 26, 2011

THE COURT: So this is one of our regularly scheduled essentially status conference, and what I thought, if this works for you, we would hear about these topics, and perhaps in this order.


  1. Who are the two Independent candidates for EST this was not mentioned in the Transcripts?

  2. pg 31 Mr. Walsh
    "Judge, it is at is core a political issue, and the members are obviously expressing their great frustration with the fact that they have lacked a democratic outlet for over two years, that they are frustrated that a political question is beyond their grasp"

    What a sanctimonious pile of rubbish Mr Walsh. Far from it - the rank & file are frustrated because you and Mr, Torrance are inept at your job and you have failed to step up to the plate and defend them as the parties with direct standing in the Criminal RICO Consent Decree, which is after all a private contract.

    You have blocked all efforts to allow members to hire their own legal counsel to represent their interests directly in opposing Doug McCarron and the UBCJA.

    You yourself have been directly involved in the Blue Card Vacation Wage extortion and are directly tied to it with your former boss Judge Conboy, a disgraced former judge and proven liar.

    All you have done is spun around the revolving door and you are now engaged in feeding at the Trough with the rest of the criminals.

    You lawyered up after the May 16th motion for limited intervention which forced Conboy & McCarrons hand in issuing the Restructuring Plan to the members; and yet, to date you have offered no explanation why. Please explain to the rank and file members why lawyerng up was your first option vs. issuing a direct (big boy) response your self, on your letterhead?

    You are currently bilking (billing) members for a million a year at the NYCDCC ATM Machine and you are busy setting up a new feeding frenzy at the NYCDCC Trough & open check ATM (the one with $4B in assests) via creating highly paid executive positions for your lawyer buddies, retired Cops and so called Investigators.

    Every one of those positions first and foremost are required to stand for Election per the DOL/OLMS requirements of Federal law, yet you ignore the very laws you are sworn to uphold.

    Moreover, it is an unneccesary duplication of the in house UBCJA Trial procedure under the UBC Constitution and the Contractually required Arbitration provision within the Contract.

    The fact is, after 22+ years of lawyering, the mob stole far less. The real extortion, the majority of money pissed away for the past 17-years has occurred on your watch and that of Judge Conboy. Invested properly at 12%, said monies would be worth another billion today.

    This court session was but another dog & pony show. Beyond our grasp my ass!

    You know very well the rank & file know exactly what is going on, yet you offer no opposition to anything the UBCJA has proposed and you don't have the backbone to stand up to him. Neither does Torrance.

    Nothing short of a criminal RICO indictment against McCarron and his cohorts and participating thieves at the Contractor Associations shall serve to restore your credibility. Like your former boss Conboy, you have a direct conflict of interest and Judge Berman should remove both of you from this case as well as the USAO Torrance. We have here in you three a trifecta of flunkies who have a dismal track record and who have produced no tangible results for all of your combined years on this case.

    In the private sector, all three of you would have been shit-canned a very long time ago.

    Your true colors came out in the above quote, You are a condescending little man and no amount of bullshitting the members can restore that. Time to go before you get disbarred.


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