Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Council Election Turned Upside Down

Review Officer Dennis Walsh turned a routine nomination meeting on it's head last night by vetoing 16 of the 34 candidates who were expecting to be nominated.

Walsh posted this letter on the council website and did not explain why he vetoed the 16 members.

Story still developing...stay tuned.

Persons who collected signatures and were expected to be nominated for the Dec 15, 2011, NYCDCC Officer Election:

Slate NameRank and File Team[Daly Slate][McKeon Slate][LaMontagne Slate]

ESTMike Bilello (157)John Daly (157)Thomas McKeon (157)George LaMontagne (157)Daniel J. Franco (157)Michal Ciechorski (1556)
PresidentBill Lebo (45)Gregory Kelty (157)Paul Tyzner (45)John DeFalco (157)N/AN/A
Vice-PresidentByron Schuler (157)Tommy McGonnigle (157)Mike Cavanaugh (740)Charles Lucas (1556)N/AN/A
WardenGerard Gausman (157)John Walsh (157)Phillip Fiorentino (45)John Carty (157)N/AN/A
ConductorMike Leonard (157)Gaunlett Holness (157)Scott Belford (2287)Shawn Eichorn (45)N/AN/A
TrusteeEddie Herrero (157)Robert Graham (926)Joe Mertens (157)Kevin Corrigan (157)N/AN/A
TrusteeJimmy Smith (2287)Bill Walsh (157)Joe Nina (157)John King (1556)N/AN/A
TrusteePatrick Crean (157)Turlough Sam Noone (157)Tom King (1556)Sean Doonan (157)N/AN/A


  1. Could it be that what I expected all along is true? If you sleep with the watchdog, you may just wake up with the fleas. Perhaps the watchdog was just not biting the hands that feed him. All who are allowed to form their slate in the building that houses the dog should be cast upon with a weary eye.
    Bring the union back to the men? Walsh and his owners dont want any talk of that. They have worked too hard and changed the rules in order to take control here.There is no way in hell that they would let men determined to take back the union meet at 395. Unless, of course they are sure no harm would come them. They (McCarron's cock pumps)are obviously appeasing the less informed members, by letting them think they are fighting the good union fight, by running on catchy slates. You would have to believe, perhaps,the members who are running for the more high profile positions survived the vetting because of the bones they give the dog.

  2. I take offense to you refering to the Rank and File Slate as cock pumps. Mike Bilello has been an invaluble resource for Dennis Walsh, he has spent countless hours making sure that Dennis was kept informed, and he did this to help the members, he has no hidden agenda, he did not do this to further himself, but because he cares. Mike will throw off the mantle of being unelectable and will work with Dennis Walsh to bring Walshs vision of a corporate style union which will enable our contractors to make money.

  3. The reference was Walsh is one of McCarrons cock pumps. Mike doesnt seem like a bad fella, his association with Walsh is why maybe he passed the vetting,is all I'm saying.

  4. He passed the vetting process because he not a criminal and knows what the hell is going on.

  5. So all those other guys are criminals?

  6. conan the carpenterOctober 12, 2011 at 11:18 PM

    The only true change comes from revolutions that begin in back rooms and basements. Not in the the dictators living room.Is there a slate that is running on the "Get the fuck out of here, you scumbag dictator and take your piss ant dwarf lawyer and judge with you" platform? Because that is what we need.Pull the fuck out of the International by any means necessary. What ever it takes! That is the only honest chance we have. Bilello might have good intentions, no doubt. So does, I'm sure all the others on the slate. However, we all know that at the moment and barring us from pulling out the International controls all. We will never see this union controlled by the membership, unless the membership siezes control of this union. They are willing to fight us with our own money and now by letting this piece of shit Walsh decide who can run or not they will divide and destroy from within. Cut them off. Mike, Walsh is not your comrade. He doesnt give a fuck about you he gets paid very well to do what McC wants him to. McC wants a phony election and Walsh is useing everyone of you to feed his insatiable Boss. Your well intended, but, blinded by you honesty. He is not the pied piper leading us to a better day. He is a weasel.

  7. Walsh is hated by everyone: the criminals, the employees, & mccarron. he is doing something right. it's not business as usual.

    ps. McCarron can't stand the sight of RO Walsh.


  9. john daly is the biggest criminal of all of them.


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