Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cary Kane Law Firm Will Help Vetoed Candidates File Appeal

By John Musumeci

After hearing about 16 candidates being vetoed by RO Walsh, I spoke to Walter Kane and Larry Cary, the attorneys representing the Carpenters Committee for Democracy and Workers Rights. They say they have been getting phone calls from candidates all day asking about what can be done. The firm is willing to help vetoed candidates make their appeal. It does not matter which slate you were on. They suggest that because the appeal deadline is short, vetoed candidates wanting the law firm’s assistance come directly to the firm tomorrow afternoon for a consultation. There is no need to call in advance. They said that if you have anything in writing explaining the basis for the veto you must bring it to the consultation.

Cary Kane LLP, 1350 Broadway, Suite 1400, Suite 1400, NY, NY (between West 35th and West 36 Streets, near Macys) 212 868-6300. You need ID to get into the building.

Vetoed Candidates 

John Daly, Thomas McKeon, George LaMontagne, Michal Ciechorski, John DeFalco, Tommy McGonnigle, Charles Lucas, Shawn Eichorn, Eddie Herrero, Robert Graham, Joe Mertens, Kevin Corrigan, Jimmy Smith, Bill Walsh, John King, Tom King.


  1. Don't be fooled these lawyers are part of the Irish Machine with thier own personal agenda. They want to be the next O'Dwyer & Bernstein and make millions off the backs of hard working carpenters. There is also a serious conflict of intrest here. They are doing work for Local 157 therefore they can not represent candidates for office a clear violation of Title I of the LMRDA. A complaint will be filed tommorrow with OLMS and the RO. They must be desperate for the District Council account or they wouldn't be doing something so stupid.

  2. Does this firm do work for local 157?

  3. Can't wait to read these briefs!

    Afterall, since January they have done absolutely zilch & were pretty much dumbfounded that they got to sit at the big boy's table.

    The few times they have spoken in Court have been less than memorable & Judge Berman all but ignores them, as he rightly should.


  5. watch out daly doen't sue the whole rank & file cause he's such a dumbass.

  6. McKeon was vetoed, yet he is still on the payroll. Sounds fishy.

  7. John,

    Candidates with nothing to hide should allow you to post their rejection letter for all of us to see.

    Where are the letters?

  8. KANE, CONBOY, MCCARRON AND THE IRISH MACHINE ARE WORKING TOGETHER....READ VERY CAREFULLY AND YOU WILL SEE WHAT I MEAN. KANE AND CONBOY HAVE BEEN WORKING TOGETHER FOR YEARS. IT WAS PAT NEE, WALTER KANE AND LARRY CAREY WHO TRIED TO TO GET THE ELECTION DELAYED. THEY ARE WORKING WITH MCCARRON BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. THIS IS A MAJOR MOVE BY THE IRISH MACHINE TO GAIN CONTROL OF THE COUNCIL........................................................................ Hon. Kenneth Conboy is a partner in Latham & Watkins’ New York office and former United States District Judge for the Southern District of New York. His practice focuses primarily in the securities, corporate governance, antitrust and federal regulatory and prosecutorial enforcement areas. He is also broadly experienced in litigation related to the federal corrupt practices act, racketeering, bank fraud and money laundering under the federal criminal statutes. He was appointed, on consent of the board of directors of Prudential Securities, Inc., by the US Department of Justice to be Government monitor and board member in connection with effecting broad legal and compliance reforms in the wake of the limited partnerships scandal. He was also appointed, by the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, International Appeals Master of the United Brotherhood of Teamsters, and supervised three nationwide elections for General President of the Teamsters.............................. Walter Kane is a Lawyer who follows his Father international representive Dan Kane Sr. into Hoffa appointed Trusteeships once they over throw a local. Dan Kane Jr. the President of Teamsters Local 202 who also is one of Hoffa international reps and is also Kanes son. Its a family affair at Local 456 and together they work with Hoffa to build a powerful Fiefdom loading their pokets at the expense of the Rank and file. Read about them all at The 456 Watch-dog site! Http:// The reason Hoffa is neglecting his duties as President is hes too busy enjoying his Boxing Union and Golf outings, so hard-working Truck drivers out of Neglect are paying the price. Red Star is one casualty and others will follow. Hijacking the BOC that they voted to help. read on the hard-working Teamster is now second fiddle to President Hoffa in lieu of Boxers. Theres no power in Organizing when you neglect the truck driver who is and always have been the backbone and foundation that this great union was built on. Hoffa will never be half the man his father was. He's just another seedy Lawyer who's politically motivated agenda and thirst for power has cost many drivers their jobs.

  9. Kane and Conboy have been working together for years at the teamsters. And Kanes father and brother are international teamster reps for years. Something is stinking up the room. Looks to me like Carey/Kane are using alot of people around here.

  10. So Where's the Beef? Where are their charges? When will they be posted here?

    The Election Rules & the Contract allow Illegal Aliens & Out of State NYCDCC members in good standing for the past 12-months & members for 24-months to Run for Election.

    The Election Rules, Contract & UBC Constitution discriminate against non-members who are U.S. Citizens, In State NY residents who are on the NYCDCC OWL but who are not members of the NYC District Council because the UBCJA denied them a transfer.

    Where are the charges on this?

    It's a bit ridiculous when the bleeding heart liberals allow non U.S. Citizens to run & stand for Election in the NYCDCC, while simultaneously denying that right to U.S. Citizens who are UBC members in good standing.

    Remember, Cary-Kane sat in Court silently on these and many other issues for the duration of the Bilello Motion & multiple Court Conferencing sessions. They failed to pick up any of the above, or anything else for that matter.

    If any of you are to challenge Walsh, better hire a competent law firm!

  11. carey/kane and hoffa as well as their boston fair haired boy sean o'brien are more ruthless than the so called mob guys and ex-cops that wound up with cushy jobs under the guise of TRUSTEESHIPS in the TEAMSTERS UNION ! there isn't any DEMOCRACY anymore. If you go against the grain or report corruption , no matter how small , hoffa's trained investigators find a way to protect THEM and weed you out including getting involved in union elections !!!!!!
    If you have cary/kane on your funds , you are probably in the yellow or critical zone ! Wake up 157 and get rid of them A.S.A.P. . every Teamster local who doesn't have them on staff are 99% sure to be in Great Shape . Check for yourself .
    Signed ; Victim of the wrath.


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