Saturday, October 29, 2011

New York City District Council of Carpenters Delegate Body

Below is a list of all Local Union Delegates to The New York City District Council of Carpenters.

Local 45 – 8 Delegates

  • Executive Committee Member- Paul Tyznar
  • Delegates are Wayne Gibbs, Martin Flash, Phillip Fiorentino, Danny Sessa, James Shea, Eric Tyznar, Michael Rodin, Jarret Weinrich
Local 20 – 3 Delegates
  • Executive  Committee Member - Christopher Wallace
  • Delegates are Glenn Arnold, Larry Cirillo and Peter Malandro
Local 740 – 2 Delegates
  • Executive Committee Member - Mike Cavanaugh
  • Delegates are Dan Walcott and John Montgomery
Local 926 – 9 Delegates
  • Executive Committee Member -  John Holt
  • Delegates are Sal Tagliaferro, Joseph DiNapoli, Joseph Sabatino, Joseph Albanese, Daniel Dunbar, Robert Alvarez, Nicholas Tavernite, Maurice Williams, Luis M Simancas
Local 1556 – 14 Delegates
  • Executive Committee Member – Adam Harkin
  • Delegates are Joseph Geiger, Thomas King, Dominick Barresi, Craig Johnson, Charles Lucas Jr., James McLaughlin, Dennis Olenick, Rick Ostrander, Christopher Parzych, Peter Rice, Robert Rieche, Christopher Sorensen, Robert Wilson, Per J. Waardal Jr.
Local 2790 -  11 Delegates
  • Executive Committee Member – To Be nominated in November and Elected in December
  • Delegates are Walter E. Clayton,  Alex Rosales, Neven Korculanic,  Andrew Mucaria, Robert Villalta,  Giancarlo Rachiele,  James Smith,  James Ellis,  Ralph Torre, Ralfael Pena, William Peters
Local 2287 – 5 Delegates
  • Executive Committee Member – Ray Harvey
  • Delegates are Kevin Fleming, Scott Belford, Jimmy Smith, David Campbell Jr, John C. Walz Jr.
Local 157 – 48 Delegates
  • Executive Committee Member – Dan DeMorato
Delegates are John Sheehy, Bill Walsh, Steve McInnis, Paul Capurso, Bill Lacey, Patrick Nee, Peter Corrigan, Kevin Corrigan, John Carty, John Daly, Martin Lydon, Graham McHugh, Levi Messenetti, John Moloney, Cory Kennedy, Michael Bilello, Greg Kelty, Thomas McGonigle, Sean Firth,  Eamonn Carey,  Joseph Nina, Mitch Sonntag, John McCarthy, Lou Norelli, Ed Mc Williams, Mark Maguire, Elly Spicer, Glenn Hatcher, Joseph Connolly, Joseph Faith, Gerry Bruen, Vincent Delessio, Guy Collins, Sean Doonan, Mike Berlingo, Kevin McCabe, Billy Mckenna, Don Foley, Kevin Egan, Mike Donnelly, Turlough “Sam” Noone, Vincent Spinelli, John Musumeci, Danny Dore, Chris Grogan, George LaMontagne, Steve Spinelli, John Gaffney



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