Friday, October 21, 2011

Page Six

We hear...THAT a Skanska shop steward who has connections to a candidate on the Carpenters United NYC Slate had the employer include their campaign material in all employees pay checks.


  1. so what ? we mailed everyone the flyer.get a life,john. complain about some real issues.


  3. Billybaldy: You said "so what ? we mailed everyone the flyer.get a life,john. complain about some real issues."

    Are you kidding, this is an election violation and a serious offense. You should read the election rules.

  4. Hey what do you expect from the scumbags they are hedging there bets to get full mobility post the guys name and no one vote for him another reason not to put company guys in delegate positions and he's probably a forman the companies wanted a 425 give back why does this suprise you that they would do this even if it is illegal they think they run this industry and are above the law veto all company guys veto all paid employees veto them all take this union back put peole around the table that will look out for the members interests ban all company guys from holding office with your veto vote on Monday October 24

  5. "this is an election violation and a serious offense"

    John can you post a copy of the section that makes it a serious offense. Ii it it an LMRDA violation or is it a violation of the Walsh I make it up as I go along and it is not my duty to determine if my rules violate state or federal Law violation. Is it right up there with the "to run for office you have to give Walsh the teacher an essay and a shiny red apple to qualify". Or is it right up there with you need 500 signatures to even consider running for office. Funny but the DOL if presented with Walsh fantasy Island election rules which are clear violation of the LMRDA, would more than likely tell Walsh to stick them in his ass..Which election rule is violated? NO I mean real election rules and not the Walsh "How to run a Union Election while Masturbating Handbook"

  6. Richard: Like it or not the NYCDC is under Court supervision. The RO has authority over the District Council as per the Court Order.

    See page 9 of the RO's election rules.


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