Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Certification of the Election Results by the Review Officer

Per the Election Rules, prepared and promulgated by Review Officer Dennis Walsh (RO), after the election process is completed in a accordance with the Rules, and where no timely objections to the election are raised, or upon completion of the protest and appeal procedure, or upon the conclusion of any investigation the Election Officer or RO may undertake with respect to the election, the RO shall certify the election results.

Upon information and belief the following are potential election offenses reported to the RO for investigation:

Carpenters Alliance Slate:

We reported that National Acoustics (employer) is supporting the slate by distributing campaign material/ letter in sealed employee pay checks to every National employee and Martin Costello (slate member) is cold calling members urging them to vote.

The Carpenters United NYC Slate:

We reported that the campaign ran a fundraiser and collected money from "friends and family" in support of running for Delegates to the New York City District Council of Carpenters by selling raffle tickets to "union members and non-union members.

We reported that a Skanska shop steward who has connections to slate had the employer include their campaign material in all employees pay checks.


Per Section Six of the Election Rules: The RO may bring disciplinary charges "if as a result of any protest filed with the Election Officer, or as a result of any investigation undertaken by the Election Officer or the RO either in response to a protest or on their own initiative, the Election Officer or the RO determines that the Rules or any law have been violated or that any other conduct has occurred that may prevent or has prevented a fair, honest and open election, the Election Officer or the RO may take what ever remedial action is appropriate (see page 12)."



  2. You say we reported, who is we?


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