Thursday, September 29, 2011

Delegate Nomination Letter

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Dear Sir and Brother:

This will respond to your letter of September 22, 2011. In your letter, you requested dispensation from requirements of the Bylaws of the New York City District Council of Carpenters.

Specifically, you explained that, .. (t)be District Council Bylaws reqcire that each delegate from Local Unions to the District Council be elected for a three-year term. Elections for delegates will take place in October 2011. However, Section 31E of the UBC Constitution provides that, 'Nomination of officers and delegates of Local Unions shall take place in May and the election shall take place in June.' Thus, absent dispensation, in October, 2011 delegates will be elected for a three-year term and the next such election in three years will not be in accordance "With Section 31E of the UBC Constitution."

I have carefully reviewed and considered the request for dispensation. Pursuant to my authority under the UBC Constitution, dispensation is granted from the Bylaws of the District Council so that the term of delegates elected in October 2011 shall be for twenty months, and that the next nominations for Local Union delegates to the Council will be in May 2013 and elections in June 2013.

Fraternally yours,
Douglas J. McCarron
General President


  1. "dispensation" gotta love it, from the UBC Messiah himself, the Dictatorial one, Hosni McCarron a disgrace to the Irish, a scourge to Labor...

    Don't worry though Doug, the rank & file won't absolve you of your sins against all of Labor.

  2. 20 months - just another way that McCarron will control the NYCDC - he will get walsh out of the way, and then there will be a new election shortly after that.



  4. Wow... what a great post! Thanks for the info, you made it easy to understand. By the way, if anyone is facing a problem of filling CA EJ-130, I've found a template here You also can esign the form and fax it.


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