Sunday, September 18, 2011

Michelle Obama whispers to Obama at 911 Event: All this just for the Flag and Shakes her head

This is must see video which has gone viral on the internet. First Lady Michelle Obama seems to be mouthing “all of this just for the flag” to her husband at the 9/11 memorial ceremony on Sunday.

President Obama and his wife are a national embarrassment! This couple has vacationed all over the world, shut down New York City so they can go on a date and she has the nerve to disrespect the loss of life on September 11th.

Please share this video with everyone.


  1. Pathetic Obama-hater BS

  2. do you think an anti union President will be better? No to Davis/Bacon. No to union wages. No to collective bargaining. No to a living wage.

  3. What kind of a goddamned fool would post something like this? Not only is it a lie, but it's one of those lies custom-tailored to appeal to slack-jawed idiots who tend to view the political process as they would a football game. Honest to god, do you know anything at all about the administrations fight to keep the NLRB? Or the initiative that helped workers with their COBRA payments? Or the ongoing battle to keep unemployment benefits for workers? It's bad enough that we have to fight the corporate interests to keep any union work through prevailing wage laws, but now we have to fight the stupidity and intellectual laziness of our own members?

  4. Yeah John please take this artical and video down from your site. this is dissgusting and baseless. Unless this is an idea you subscribe to, and I hope not.
    For Gods sake take it down!!!

  5. glad a union member sees american first
    union second. Our Republic needs jobs,not what this administation has created. o, ask the chrysler or gm workers how they liked the gov help
    Hope the new mosque was non/union built in new york


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