Thursday, September 1, 2011

You Do the Crime, You Pay the Fine

Any participant in the New York City District Council of Carpenters Welfare Plan to have committed fraud (determined by the Board of Trustees) shall be permanently ineligible for Active or Retiree Welfare coverage.
Benefit Funds



  2. Doug - blow it out your Ass!

    1) Said changes require Bargaining to impasse.

    2) This is an illegal Unilateral Change which violates much Board, Appellate & Supreme Court precedent.

    3) Said charges cannot be Unilaterally made by you, or the pro-tem hacks you appoint when you leave, as all such "allegations" require probable cause, intent and would thus involve a criminal conspiracy and thus require a criminal indictment.

    4) You would of course toss a member and/or his entire family out on their ass and leave them w/o any insurance and without having proved a damn thing other than your arrogance, given you believe you are the King, the Supreme Dictator and are thus untouchable. Newsflash dummy - you can only buy off so many Congressman, Senators and ex-Federal Judges before your ass ends up in the sling where it rightly belongs.

    5) You, as the self annointed King & Supreme Dictator would then have said member (more aptly a political dissident you screw over because they won't drink from the cup) continue paying the Health & Welfare Hourly contribution rate and pocket the difference. Ahh, what the hell, at this point your're invincible.

    Wrong - you are the biggest piece of shit the Labor movement has ever experienced. Your legacy is that of a liar and thief - a pure fraud.

    You are so deluded with power that you actually believe what you write.

    Karma baby - Keny Lay of Enron fame was cut the same way - just when he thought he could spend all that booty & plunder, Elizabeth called & hatsa la vista baby! We could only be so lucky.

    Oh by the way numnut, no one bought your phony Labor Day message, except your E-Board perhaps. Everyone of you rotten bastards need to spend the rest of your days in a State Pen.

    Love - the rank & file

  3. Do this one first Judge Berman, Dennis (where are you??)

    From: 157
    Date: 02 Sep 2011
    Time: 08:19 PM

    Mike Forde's buddy was a big contributor to the KAFCI problem. Mike Guerin. He admitted everything to Walter Mack in a deposition. Nothing was done to prosecute him. Of cousre , no foreman or company men were charged either. What about the Foreman in the Sheraton , Tony Finan. Isn't there steward's reports from those jobs ? How come no foreman or company men are being criminally prosecuted ? Because Dennis Walsh is a scammer also. It was only to get at the billing hours and ultimately to get at the welfare and benefit fund. That is the candy jar , Mcarron , and the gov't wants it. They don't want the wise guys to have it any more. It is too lucrative. Mcarron is using the gov't to achieve this.

  4. I for one, am a little bothered by the wording and the timing of this SMM.
    First,we should aknowledge that there is an increased push to get rid of all the veterans of this union to make way for the blank eyed and empty headed "workers", that cant be manipulated because they dont know any better. Long standing members wont shut up and let the powers that hi-jacked our union give away all that we have earned through legitimate bargaining (regardless of the character of those who did the bargaining). So, what is left to do? If you are The District Council of Carpenters, you use members money to pay lawyers millions of dollars, to create new ways to steal from and cheat those very members. New memebers, who many would be considered unhirable in most other trades, would never argue for better contracts when they previously couldnt even dream of any contract. Get them off the dole and place them in your pocket.
    Last year, there was a witch hunt based largely on an awful shop steward who inadequetly kept time and had men who where on a job for one day and never took there name off the report. One was brought up on charges and had to sign a letter saying that he would never do "it" again. He never did anything wrong, he just couldnt account for the extra 49 hours (including a Sunday) from years earlier. He was on the report but there where no benefits payed for that time. After being intimidated by the judge's boys, he had to admit guilt and this letter that was fruadulently written was placed in his permenant file at the DC. The most troubling part of this SMM is the phrase,"sole discretion of the Board of Trustees". That, with this group of racketeers means you are guilty of anything they want you to be, before you even get the letter informing you that you are being charged. You can not defend yourself. All they need is one illiterate shoppy (like, you dont know any) who cant fill a report. Or, if they have no problem intentionally placing false info into a long time member in good standing's file than perhaps they are equally capable of lots of fraudulent paperwork.
    There are alot of members who stand to make nice pension packages and will no doubt require a great deal of money for theirs and their family's medical needs. I fully expect men of a certain age and other particular backround traits will be found "guilty" of working "off the books". Think of all the money they save by not paying someone who has worked for 30 years and all of a sudden he shows up on a bullshit report and losses it all. Times that by a hundred.Two hundred.Three? You now got rid of the men who built this city, you dont have to pay them a dime and you fill the rolls with the empty vessels that dont know to demand something better because from their point of view, anything is better.
    We really need to do something. We are not losing to non-union we are losing to the union.Hike up your skirts and let them violate you boys or lace up your boots and stand your ground. Many of you reading this will be brought up on fabricated charges, many of you will lose everything you worked for.

  5. Who are the ones we left in charge? Killers, Thieves, and Lawyers. Paul Tyznar did they force you to become a trustee. What the fuck where you thinking?You must be a power whore.Are you strung out on the McCarron brand of Herion brother?

  6. wtf is an SMM? Use English will ya!

  7. Really? Read the letter at the head of this post. The title is Summary of Material Modifications. The first sentence tells you ("SMM") stands for Summary of Material Modifications. Sorry, for the foreign language, force of habit.

  8. The UBC Stewie Reports, whether done by hand or via Waslh's newly proposed Hand Held Multi-Million Dollar Magic Stewie Wand (kick-back to a buddy) is a joke.

    Now you will give an Expensive Toy to a Dolt who cannot read, write, spell or count. Pissah - Brilliant fucking Idea Walsh - you overpaid hack.

    Here is a better idea - let's chip the BA's, Organizers, EST & Lawyers like the Dogs they are, and moniter their whereabouts and the time they check into work and leave each day.

    Seems that is where the real problem lie in the first place.

  9. Have they told us yet about how much the the additional-additional assesment on our vacation checks will be? You know to pay for the wand. The only way that wand could be "Magic", is if some of illiterate stewards knew how to use them.

  10. Depositions - an intimidating proposition for the average Joe or Susie.

    The whole thing about them is that they are by design geared towards forcing the man or woman to recount things from years past off the tops of their head (which no one can do).

    Lawyers play this game of In your Face, asking you the same damn question over & over ad nauseum to intentionally try & trip you up & do the proverbial "gotcha".

    To prevent this bullshit, each member should have his or her own pocket size daily planner. Very simple process - Name of job, Type of work you performed, date started, time of job start & you then record your hours, say 7-3:30, 8-Hours, circle the 8 for the day & total the week at the end.

    Any member can do this in 5-seconds on their way out the door, in the truck, on the subway.

    Point is - you ever get called in for a "depo", a) go in with a lawyer, b) submit a copy of your daily work log as a signed affidavit c) leave & tell them to blow their deposition out their ass!

    Depositions by their very nature are designed to be painfully tedious, monotonous, aggravating & to wear you out and make you acquiesce to the mental harassment and intimidation. Kinda like a mental water boarding (s'hhhh) Attorneys hate when you say that.

    I read the Transcripts from Mike Guerin & not knowing the dude or not judging him - it was quite apparent that Mack was an abusive little prick. Guerins Attorney was not forceful enough in representing him. No one has to sit in a room and be harassed for that length of time, so he can wist facts to suit his agenda to hang a regular working Joe out to dry; and, that is all that was.

    Submit this statement:

    Specialist: I have benn certified as a Journeyman Carpenter by the UBCJA on_______date. For the past ______years I have specilized in the Intsallation of:_________(Floorlayer, Celings, Doors & Hardware etc).

    Sign it and date it, sworn affidavit and wave bye!


    Ground up Carpenter: I have been certified by the UBCJA as a Journeyman Carpenter on_______date. I am an all around Carpenter who has worked successfully in all aspects of the Trade Jurisdiction and autonomy listed/claimed in our Contract (CBA).

    Both Groups or Classes of Carpenters should also include this statement:

    From time to time, when the UBCJA offers additional Training Classes or Courses which I feel would be beneficial to my career as a Union Carpenter, I sign up and take the course to fit my needs and desires to improve myself, but at all times remain a Journeyman Carpenter - whether or not I take any courses which they may or may not offer from time to time, and the UBCJA Journeyman Card once earned, cannot be revoked.

    Forced Attendance at a UBCJA sponsored training course, wherein the Teacher is not Certified by the State of New York and wherein he or she finger reads text from a book under the false claim and auspice of being comeptent to teach anything is of little or no benefit or value to myself or to my Local Union or the UBCJA at large.

    I can obtian more benefical learning of my own accord and valition, or through Internet research on my own time.

    signed__________Joe/Jane Carpenter

  11. etep - the real "MAGIC" is in Walsh's awarding of this lucrative multi-Million dollar Service Contract to one of his buddies - and the fucking Court does not even blink....WTF?

    Just another example of Lawyers Robbing you Blind, in the very luctrative & Easy Money Shell Game called the Consent Decree.

    They consistently STEAL more MONEY than the MOB.

    The FUCKING LAWYERS gotta go! Why do you think this shrill Walsh came up with the brilliant idea of appointing more of them? Ask yourselves that Question - and better still, ask this schmuck to his face at his next bullshit ROMAC session why he has set up a Consent Decree that will never end?

    The answer is simple - this is Easy fucking Money for them, and it is more of a rigged game than even the mob could come up with. These guys don't do shit other than create more ways to steal more Funds from the NYCDCC rank & file.

    Remember - Conboy & Walsh colluded directly with one another to scam you boys & girls on the Blue Card Wage Extortion...they authored the language!

    Mandatory Union Particiaption Requirement - My Ass Walsh, go fucking read Section 7 of the NLRA you useless sack of shit. I'll tell ya to your face too - Lying sack of shit!


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