Wednesday, September 21, 2011


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Union Carpenters Stand Up For Your Rights!

When: 3pm Monday September 26, 2011
Why: Protest UBC Full Mobility

Sound permits are in place for a protest rally outside 500 Pearl Street (US Courthouse) to send a message to federal judge Richard Berman, that the rank and file are against full mobility.

Carpenters will be be gathering outside 500 Pearl Street starting at 7:30 am. There is a status conference scheduled at 9:00 am in courtroom 21B if you would like to attend and voice your concerns to judge Berman. The protest rally will begin at 3:00 pm.

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On September 14, Delegates to the District Council voted and approved a "Memorandum of Understanding" (MOU) with the Association of Wall-Ceiling and Carpentry Industries, by a vote of 35-28.

The MOU is for five years and provides no raise the first year, an increase of $2.60 in the second year, $2.65 in the third year and $2.70 in each of the fourth and fifth years.

As part of the deal contractors will get full mobility, or contractors' insistence on the right to hire 100% of workers they choose. Presently, as per a federal judge's order, they must hire a third of their workers through the councils out-of-work-list.

Rank and fliers argue that full mobility will destroy the union by turning it into a contractors club with no ability to obtain work from the out-of-work-list. The full mobility provision is contingent on judge Berman's approval and a formal motion must be presented before the court.

Also in the MOU, contractors will get a 20% wage discount (Market Recovery Rate) on residential and hotel projects of 20 stories or less in Manhattan and on all residential and hotel projects in the outer boroughs, regardless of size. The deal also includes a helper/scraper category, (language to be determined) with a total package not to exceed $25 per hour to "clean up and handle deliveries," and jobs with two carpenters will not need a shop steward.


  1. What will stop them from removing our raises after they get full mobility we need these raises set in stone regardless of full mobility let's not get caught with our pants down again down with full mobility lock in our raises and let's get one back for the good guys we can't even get apprentices to get up and go to work just imagine what this scrapper class will bring to our local they want to kill this local and union time to stand up court house rally 26 th be there or forever hold your peace

  2. This is 10 times worse than the proposed wage cuts that we rallied for at the council last month.

    It was funny seeing company guys from Nastasi,Island Woodwork,etc etc at the last rally (because it only effected their own pocket)

    Scab Helper is the worst idea I've ever heard..

    20% pay cut on 1/4 of the new construction in Manhattan and 90% of new construction in the outer boroughs DOES NOT SOUND LIKE A GOOD CONTRACT!

    I want to see a list of the delegates that voted YES and NO..

  3. the scab helper category is to set the stage to eventually bring in the foregign nationals - who work cheaper than illegals and who will live on compnay camps at large project sites. it's how they do it overseas & they wanna bring it to America


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