Friday, September 2, 2011

Carpenters hammer out a deal, avoiding strike

The tentative deal reached Thursday between the District Council of Carpenters and the Cement League could pave the way for others. 

By Daniel Massey

Carpenters reach deal, avoid strike.
After several contract extensions, the District Council of Carpenters has finally hammered out a new, tentative deal with the Cement League, though agreements with several other industry associations remain outstanding.

A statement on the union's website said that the deal was reached Thursday. No details were offered.

“This is a positive first step in our overall goal of reaching agreements with all of our association partners,” the statement said.

Bryan Winter, executive director of the Cement League, declined to comment.

John Musumeci, a 25-year carpenter and blogger about the union, said that the deal is for three years and provides raises of $1.50 an hour in the first year, $2.50 in the second year and $3 in the third year.

An industry source said it includes a provision similar to one in the recent concrete workers deal that is designed to help regain market share from nonunion builders. The concrete workers gave contractors a 20% discount on hotel and residential buildings of 16 or fewer stories.

A union spokesman would neither confirm nor deny those details.

Talks with the Cement League were believed to be among the most contentious, so the completion of a deal with the League is a sign that others could be near. The carpenters' contracts, covering some 25,000 workers, expired June 30 and deadlines have been extended multiple times.

The union's website said that progress was made this week in talks with the Building Contractors Association, the Floorcoverers Association and the Association of Wall-Ceiling and Carpentry Industries. Talks will resume with those associations on Tuesday, the union said, and the current deals with those groups have been extended until Thursday.

The industry source said it's likely that Frank Spencer, who was appointed in 2009 by the general president of United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America to oversee the local union after several of its officials were indicted for bribery, will join the talks next week in an attempt to work out final issues.

The union's statement made no mention of talks with the General Contractors Association of New York, the group that was widely believed to be furthest from a deal in recent weeks. Just two weeks ago, the association's director, Denise Richardson told Crain's that an agreement was “very far away.” She did not respond to a call Friday seeking comment.

Among the key issues in the negotiations is full mobility, or contractors' insistence on the right to choose all of their workers. Presently, as per a federal judge's order, they must hire a third of their workers through the union's hiring hall.

Contractors argue that the system is inefficient and hurts productivity because they end up with workers who may not have certain skills needed on specific job sites.


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