Saturday, September 10, 2011

Announcement from Supervisor Frank Spencer

Josh Leicht appointed as Chief Compliance Officer

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Josh Leicht as Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) for the New York City District Council of Carpenters. Mr. Leicht brings a wealth of experience in pursuing anticorruption, both in the private and public sectors. His new role as CCO will be to assist our Council as we continue to work toward ending misconduct within our ranks and establish effective and comprehensive programs for monitoring our everyday operations.

Mr. Leicht is a licensed private investigator and a member of the New York State Bar, admitted to practice in the United States District Courts for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York. Before joining the private sector he worked extensively as an investigator of corruption, including specific work relating to organized crime occurring in the New York construction industry. His experience includes eight years as a Task Force Attorney assigned to the New York State Organized Crime Task Force’s Construction Industry Strike Force.

The United States Department of Justice has appointed Mr. Leicht as an Independent Monitor in many high profile cases. Mr. Leicht led the team of Independent Monitors tasked with overseeing the development and implementation of a compliance program to oversee the U.S. based trading activities of BP, plc. until October 2010 when court ordered monitoring ended.

Mr. Leicht is currently serving as the Advocate for the New York City District Council of Carpenters, where he has played a key role in presenting the disciplinary charges brought by the Review Officer as well as those brought by the Office of the Inspector General.

In his new role as CCO, Mr. Leicht’s responsibilities will include implementing and operating an effective compliance and ethics program. The CCO will be assisted as necessary in this work by the Inspector General. Among other duties, Mr. Leicht will identify any deficiencies’ or necessary improvements in the Compliance and Ethics Program, assess the risk of criminal activity facing the District Council and oversee training with respect to this Program.


  1. I am curious. Spencer "the Chimp" claims his and his fellow UBC rats rights to appoint people to office are guaranteed by the UBC Constitution.This booklet of toilet paper only enslaves UBC members.So under what so called "Rights" is Spencer appointing non Union people to these rather expensive cushy jobs.
    Does not any member have the right to tell a non UBC person to go f..himself since as a non member they have no right to use the UBC Toilet paper,the council toilet papers or the new Walsh toilet papers to govern and punish a UBC member.
    Im curious under what premise the UBC believes it has the right to give a non member the right to govern or punish UBC members

  2. Ohh wait it is under rule OU812 the Frank Spencer says so Section



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