Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Independent Local #1 Speaks with IUPAT GP James Williams

Originally posted 9.16 video updated.


  1. why has this video been removed ? i know,rd is also known as scabby was orded by doug to take it down.

  2. Doug McCarron is a punk just like you baldy and if he told me to take this down I would tell him to kiss my ass. I did not put the video up to start with so stop your fantasy land crap. The video will be put back in place when the time comes.

  3. John where is my last post?? It just vanished

  4. Richard: Don't know why your comment did not post, I re-posted it.

    Richard Dorrough has left a new comment on your post "Independent Local #1 Speaks with IUPAT GP James Wi...":

    The individual who created this video is a supporter of, but not a member of, Carpenters Independent Local #1. Like many other UBC members he has had enough of McCarrons phony UBC which is an insult to all organized labor when it calls itself a Union.

    The video was posted prematurely due to enthusiasm and respect for IUPAT and Jim Williams fight against the scourge of organized Labor that is Doug McCarron.It was posted with Local #1s name on it and has been removed by my request pending review.

    I do not want Brother Lezettes enthusiasm to make him a victim the UBCs fight against local #1.Threats against Local #1 "enthusiasts"have been made by Local 291 McCarron cronies and piss ant Mark Sowalski.

    The video will be put back up at my discretion.

    Despite the statements of one William Davenport who appears to be a delusional hack we could give a rats ass what McCarron or the UBC thinks of this video or the others that are soon to follow.

    Any so called order from Doug McCarron only exists in the mind of a delusional hack such as William "I defraud my own Brothers and Sisters" Davenport.

    I do however support Brother Lezettes work and share the same respect and enthusiasm for IUPAT and Jim Williams efforts to remove this festering wound called Doug McCarron from Union labor.

    Brother Williams and many of the other trades are United in the fight against the UBC leadership and along with the other trades have reached out to support the efforts of Independent Local #1 as we struggle to create a new Carpenters Union of the members,by the members and for the members.

    Brother Williams has led the charge to fight this blight on labor and is responsible for the AFL-CIOs resolution 70 which gives us all hope of chartering our own Carpenters Union.

    Carpenter Unions free of the scourge of Doug McCarron and the abusive and financially devastating UBC policys UBC members are victims of everyday.

    Your RO Mr. Walsh stated that it is a "great time to be in the UBC in NYC" and that the "pessimism of some parties is unfounded".

    One has to wonder what planet Mr Walsh lives on. Any rank and file member can tell you that the supporters of the corruption in NYC and the people directly responsible for the rape of the UBC members pay check and Democratic rights in NYC are Frank Spencer and Douglas McCarron.

    The very people Walsh embraces. In this video Brother Williams shares the same sentiment of many of the other General Presidents which is that McCarron is a scourge not only on the Labor movement but a blight on his own membership. How could they all be so wrong and one little Bill Walsh be right.

    The video will be posted again and I hope the UBC members can get past the UBC Propaganda to listen to the message of Brother Williams.

    I would hope that members go to www.RespectOurCrafts.com and hear the messages of the other International Presidents as they expose McCarrons attack on Union Labor so they can make reach an informed opinion and not one tainted by lies and propaganda as put forth by such ignorant minds like William Davenport.

  5. OK Guys, Stop The Bullshit and John, Post This Will Ya Please?



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