Thursday, September 8, 2011

Message from the District Council

Dear Brothers and Sisters;

We are working in very stressful times. The economy has been hard to overcome, and the negotiations of a new contract have continued to challenge all involved.

On Saturday September 10th, the Labor Day Parade will be held in New York City. We will meet at 11AM on West 46th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues.  The following Saturday September 17th the NYC Carpenters Charity Softball Tournament and Picnic will be held in Queens at Cunningham Park.  The first game is at 8:30AM.

The timing of these events are perfect. We have these moments to put aside our worries and come together as a membership! We can show our pride, we can show our passion, and we can have a good time!

Bring out your family, and your friends. This is a time for everyone who supports Each Other, and the true meaning of being Union!

Looking forward to seeing you there!
The District Council


  1. Here's a comment:

    There will be no celebrating for this membership untill the UBC RATS HAVE LEFT OUR BUILDING!


  2. We knew Spencer was mentally challenged, but stop with the Bullshit already about how you're all feeling the pain. Did Lobster go up again?

    Who endorsed John Edwards? Who Endorsed Obama? Oh yeah, that would be the Dougster.

    Tree Huggers, yee ha, free everything, yee ha, illegal alien voters for the Dem's yeah baby!

    Newsflash, your hero BHO gave a CA Company a $500 Million dollar grant (no payback required) to develop solar energy/power.

    The FBI just raided them today - funny thing, the Company went bankrupt and no one in the Federal Government can find the Money. Say it ain't so!

    The boob was on TV this evening and pre-empted radio too pushing another $400B dollar abortion of a program, which of course will be run by the same dolts who just got done robbing the Treasury blind - and Doug will say:

    4-More Years, 4-More Years

    and McCarrons District Council Minions and Brown-Nosers nationwide will rally the Troops, build signs, do standouts and phone banking for Obama and all the while the NYCDCC will continue shoving the BLUE CARD WAGE EXTORTION where the sun doesn't sign and the chorus of a once proud Union will chant:

    Thank you sir, can we have another!
    4-More Years, 4-More Years

  3. Anyone notice Jeffrey Emmilt siting next to the first lady, while lying Obama says "We need made in America on all our products" The head of G E and our jobs zcar shiped thousands of jobs and hides billions of income from US taxation over seas! Trust a politician...make me laugh some's not funny it's crimminal!


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