Thursday, August 5, 2010

Page Six

We hear...THAT Local 157 business representative and executive delegate, Danny Demorato, was suspended on Tuesday. Demorato a union rep for almost twenty years was Lawrence D’Errico's right-hand man in running the affairs of Local 157. 

D’Errico the former recording secretary/business rep, was elected president of Local 157 in September 2008 following the "emergency supervision," and picked Demorato as his executive delegate to the District Council.

UBC Supervisor Frank Spencer recently appointed D'Errico, Acting Director of Operations, to replace Maurice Leary, who suddenly retired immediately after Michael Forde copped a plea to corruption charges and admitted selling out his membership by taking bribes from contractors, stealing union money - and then lying about it.

D'Errico's appointment to the position of acting director is under "review" by RO, Dennis Walsh.

The District Council didn't return a call seeking comment.

Sources said Demorato's suspension has to do with the November 21, 2007 "emergency supervision" of Local 157, where Independent Investigator, Callahan, found telephone, timesheet, and other records showing union representative's had not completed their activity sheets as required; had not conducted regular jobsite visits; and were not even at work when they reported themselves as working a regular day.

Local 157 Business Manager/President Bill Hanley and Representative/Financial Secretary Fred Kennedy, were forced to resign and Representative/Vice President George Dilacio was fired.

Demorato was suspended for two-weeks by Mike Forde and reassigned to Local 608 in connection with his involvement in the corruption scandal.

Walsh is conducting multiple investigations of corrupt activity ... which he said "will likely lead to internal union charges and possible criminal referrals."

In recent weeks, numerous union bigs have either retired, resigned, been suspended or fired.

"I don't know if this union is going to survive, we are literally at the Gates of Stalingrad" a source said.


  1. How is that Lawrence is never found guilty of anything when he was sitting in the same office with Danny, Billy and Freddy? How is that when the shit hits the fan Lawrence was NEVER there.Danny was already punished you can't do the something 2 times to somebody because a new monitor came in, what are we paying for the same thing twice, we already gave the other monitor money for the same work tell me thats not stealing union money.Dannys coming back mark my words and I hope he sticks right up Lawrence's ass. I hope Lawrence gets in his ass but good and soon. Bring back Danny get rid of Lawrence AKA TEFLON LAWERENCE...

  2. Vinny "THE CHIN" Gigante is related to Lawrence D'Errico How??

  3. I just want to salute those brave few who ran for election in Local union 608 for the past 20 years. Not only does it looks like were right but more to the point: truly brave!
    Walsh would do well to talk to them about the NYCDCC.

  4. get rid of all who have been involved in this culture of corruption and yes walsh should talk to the brave ones


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