Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Legacy of Successful Union Representation

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  1. O D & B is a friend of working men and women.

    Good luck and God Bless.

    Tom Moore

  2. They're not my friend. Why is it a majority of memberts believe the opposite.

  3. The Bible says "ALL have fallen short" This law firm, like all, have an obligation to their client. However, if they knew there was indiscretions within the very organization they represented, and did nothing, perhaps for financial gain, now that they are being removed, there is opportunity for repentance (make things right) We will see if they can be honerable men, or STILL keep their honor close to their wallet? Waiting for a statement!

  4. Dear Tom Moore;
    O'Dwyer & Bernstien may be a friend to working men and women; but documented sources indicate if I'm connected, and/or Irish, I'll get special treatment.
    Please, Mr. Moore; answer this question: Why did O'D & B voluntarily leave the NYCDCC? We're waiting for an official statement, but based on our experience with Thomassen and Shiel, that seems unlikely. So maybe in your capacity, as supporter and promoter of O'D & B, you can explain, in detail, to all of us hard working men and women what's really happening.

  5. The supporter of OD&B obviously is not a working man. If he's one of them and I speak generally,- lawyers who have history in representing relatives & long time associates of mob connected guys @ 395/lcls/stews, or relative of someone at the firm or justv a stupid member he has no right here amongst us. Damn it,- he has no right to work amongst us if he be the latter. Tha bible doesn't like your kind. And I'm IRISH.


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