Saturday, August 14, 2010

Government's Motion In Limine With Respect To Defendant Joseph Olivieri

Prosecutors yesterday asked a judge to let them introduce evidence of Joseph Olivieri association with the Genovese Organized Crime Family and evidence of Oliveri's pre-August 2004 payment of meal/expenses for union officials including co-defendant Michael Forde.

Oliveri's longtime ties to Moscatiello and other deceased mobsters - including Ralph Coppola, who was murdered in 1998 and whose body has never been recovered - are detailed in court papers submitted by prosecutors Lisa Zornberg and Mark Lanpher.

Prosecutors will also introduce some old-fashioned over-hear testimony. FBI agent Dan Conlon will tell how he was working undercover in a Bronx bar back on July 24, 2000, when he overheard Moscatiello ordering Olivieri to move quickly on a problem that union leader Michael Forde had. "Ford[e] wants somebody," the agent heard Moscatiello instructing Joe Rudy. "Get it done as fast as possible."

Olivieri, 55, is charged with being an integral part of a 10-year-long conspiracy (1998 to 2008) to steal untold millions from the benefit funds of union carpenters by taking, along with top union officials, more than $1 million in payoffs from contractor Murray, the key turncoat against Olivieri and his cronies.

Olivieri is also charged with giving illegal payoffs to union leaders, including District Council of Carpenters President Michael Forde - who has pleaded guilty and is awaiting sentencing.

2010-08-13 Olivieri Govt's Mot in Limine

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