Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Boss Tweed and the Tammany Ring

Thomas Nast, the most prominent cartoonist of his era, targeted Tweed and his cronies, using a format understandable to recent immigrants and those who could not read.


  1. There is Lawrence D'Errico right in front. Doesn'T anything,Doesn't see anything,doesn't do anything. But is now in the center of the most corrupt time ever in the CARPENTERS union. Not Lawrence D'Errico's union

  2. OCTOBER 3, 2012

    United States arrived from google.com on "Local 157 blogspot" by searching for local 157 blog.

    09:23:56 -- 4 minutes ago

    United States arrived from google.com on "Local 157 blogspot: Boss Tweed and the Tammany Ring" by searching for boss tweed.

    09:23:03 -- 5 minutes ago

    United States arrived on "Local 157 blogspot: Special President Election to fill Vacancy".


    Your Federal Government dollars at work. Note: We did not make the distinction that the Fed's (USAO) was hard at work, because they are not.

    After 23+ Years of the Federal RICO Consent Decree, it is quite apparent that the U.S. Attorneys Office is wasting time & money monitering this site & Jawin; and, that it has not & will not produce any tangible results for rank & file union carpenters.

    Seems quite apparent that they are happy with the status-quo and that for all of the dog & pony shows in Federal Court, they will continue to refuse to prosecute ex-judge Conboy or Doug McCarron for violating your section 7 rights.

    The USAO has failed to review or expunge every illegal provision within the UBC Constitution or the NYCDCC By-laws which negate members federal rights and/or those which do not comply with known labor law precedent and Appellate & U.S. Supreme Court precedent.

    Monitering these sites is hardly an effective use of our Tax Dollars. In the real world...the dreaded private sector where results count, the USAO would be fired.


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