Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Corrupt carpenters union big Michael Forde gets to keep $128G pension

Corrupt former carpenters union boss,
 leaves court after pleading guilty.
BY Brian Kates
He admitted to being corrupt - but the ex-boss of the city's powerful carpenters union will still collect a six-figure pension funded by the members he cheated.

Disgraced District Council of Carpenters chief Michael Forde, who pleaded guilty last month to federal racketeering and bribery charges, is set to receive an annual pension of about $128,000, sources told the Daily News.

Forde acknowledged selling out his 25,000 members by taking bribes to look the other way when contractors hired nonunion and illegal immigrant workers.

He faces nine to 11 years in a federal lockup and was slapped with a $100,000 fine. His sentencing is scheduled for Nov. 19 in Manhattan Federal Court.

Forde's right-hand man, John Greaney, and five union shop stewards, all of whom pleaded guilty in the case, are on tap to get pensions, too.

Greaney has a pension valued at about $50,000 a year, the sources said. The others are expected to receive considerably less.

The union says it is determined to stop the payouts.

"We intend to make every attempt possible to block these pensions going to the people who have pleaded guilty or have been implicated in serious wrongdoing," said district council spokesman Scott Widmeyer.

Widmeyer said the union plans to sue Forde and his co-defendants and will apply for a piece of their federal fines.

The federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) makes it difficult to stop pension payments, even to people convicted of felonies.

If Forde and his pals collect, the union pension fund will be on the hook for "potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars," Widmeyer conceded.

Forde's lawyer, Andrew Lankler, did not return calls for comment.


  1. What a crock of Spencer. It amazes me that McCarron, Spencer and the UBC suddenly care about the law and claim ERISA makes it hard to take a crooks pension. When Spencer froze the raises in violation Federal law, State Law,the CBA and you name it he declared he could break any law he wants while the Council is in supervision. Of course since the Council is in Trusteeship and the Locals are NOT one has to wonder how Spencer was able to apply his scam to anybody but members of the council. Mr.Walsh it seems refused to address that violation of the members rights or answer why the Locals are a victim of the agreements made with the Council when they are NOT in trusteeship or supervision. What is the war cry for Spencer.!10H!!!! 6D!!!!!! 10 H of the UBC Constitution. A Constitution that has been repeatedly violated by McCarron and Spencer. A constitution that is only relevant and applicable when it is convenient to their position at the time. A Constitution that they have repeatedly refused to clarify when called upon by the members to do so.

    How do McCarron, Spencer and Glenn justify violating the Empire Council Annuity Fund Plan Documents by freezing checks and seizing members account money without notice or the chance to appeal the decision as directed in the Plan Documents? He cries 10H!!!!6D!!!!!. How does Spencer and Glenn justify violating Federal labor regulation § 2530.203-3 Suspension of benefits upon employment by seizing funds without notice and freezing payments without notice. He cries 10HH!!!6D!!!. Of course 10H allows for trusteeship to correct financial irregularities and remove corruption. It does not allow the UBC to come in and violate plan documents in direct violation of ERISA Regulations or to violate Federal Regulations. The wealth of documentation shows that Spencer and Glenn under the direction of McCarron have a history of violating any law they feel like it under the premise that 10H and 6D make them gods. Of course this is not possible you say because at McCarrons direction, his lawyers have declared “ the International, Council and Locals are separate entities who have no legal binding authority outside of their own entity” If I were you Mr. Walsh I would not answer to this either.

    So based on the history of McCarron ,Spencer and Glenn ignoring the laws and the history of McCarron ,Spencer and Glenn holding themselves above the law by invoking 10H!!! and 6D!!!. Why should ERISA be of any consequence? They never cared about ERISA while Forde and his cronies were robbing the funds. Did McCarron and Spencer call on the EBSA to investigate Forde or his criminal pals during their shopping spree at the Funds. When Patrick Morin and the Empire Council were defrauding the membership and committing the financial irregularities they have put them in supervision did McCarron,Spencer and Glenn call on the EBSA to investigate for possible ERISA violations. NO THEY DID NOT despite being told about it two years before the supervision. Before the supervision was imposed McCarron,Spencer and Glenn used the Unions lawyers to defend Morin and the FIRED Trustees for the same actions they are under trusteeship for now.

    The point here is that McCarron and Spencer do not care about ERISA,McCarron and Spencer do not abide by ERISA,LMRDA,DOL or NLRB regulations and have declared by their actions and statements that 10H and 6D allow them to violate any law they choose to then tell me why they are not seizing Fordes Pension. Why are they not using the supervision,10H and 6D to ignore ERISA as they have repeatedly done in the past? Suddenly when it to comes to Forde and his criminal cronies pensions ERISA matters and they are not screaming 10HH!!!! 6D!!!!. Why??? Perhaps taking Forde Pension is a line Franky and Dougy do not want to cross.

  2. perhaps if a news organization got involved and it was made clear to the public what is going on, and the cameras were rolling when good questions were asked of McCarron, Spence, and Mr. Walsh, maybe then things would be made right! Will this happen? I will not hold my breath!

  3. Which pension is this?? Mike Forde will get no less than three pensions from the Carpenters Union....

  4. See what giving "donations" or is it "payoffs" to crooked politicians like Bloomberg & Clinton add up to? This prick Forde will get more money than ANY carpenter that has a steady job.
    Make the fuck pay a yearly FINE or ASSESSMENT on his fucking pension-totally 1% of all the money he ever stole from us,or 1% ASSESSMENT of EVERY FUCKING BRIBE HE TOOK.I hope this scumbag gets 20 years-has his fat ass raped daily-wait-he might like that-scratch that.May he be the cell block bitchboy-just like he was to every organized gangster or crooked contractor. May he burn in hell for all eternity,along with all the other scum in the union that is crooked.Hear me McCarron-Spencer?

  5. It is clear the only thing the UBC wants is to better their appearance by going after them. They already know the membership will take this action so in order for the pre-emptive move to appear as though the UBC is doing anything.


  7. No one is going to rally!! No body ever does. Local 608 was and is experts at keeping people quiet. I wish I had a quarter for every head that got bounced off a woodside sidewalk. every one of these pricks was taking money from P.M. and Little J. I got black balled from a job Forde was shop stewarding at years ago because I bitched about non union guys working for cash at our jobs at night. For years we have been nothing but sheep and now we have let them take our local away. He gets his pension and we get shafted as usual. If you think we are not still afraid look at all the anonymous posts


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