Sunday, August 8, 2010


In the aftermath of John Greaney, the former president and business manager of Local 608, pleading guilty to all 13 counts against him, and Michael Forde, the former Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the New York City District Council of Carpenters, pleading guilty to participating in a 15-year racketeering scheme, numerous union representatives have either suddenly retired, resigned, been suspended or fired.

The District Council is searching for "aggressive, dedicated, active union members, committed to building the ranks of our membership and protecting our work."

If you think you have what it takes to serve the Council in this capacity, send in your resume outlining your qualifications and skills.

3-Day Hiring Process


  1. Let us see just how many outsiders get in.

  2. Well I think we already employ all of MIKE FORDE, PETE THOMASON and DENIS SHEIL'S family. So the rest is grav. We must clean house not just the BA's

  3. That 3-Day is a sham.We all knew Paul Caperso was getting the job. It was posted on the blog. Lawrence will appoint the rest of his cronies. Paul Willoby etc. You heard it here first again.

  4. I think you have to live in n.j. to get a job in n.y

  5. How about a guy who used to live in Jersey but now lives in Cali? I'd love to get back into a REAL LOCAL! I've been a union member for over 30 years and have never seen what I see out here! If I have a shoot in hell let me know I'll get the next flight out!!!

  6. Word is the FIX IS IN...Mitch Sonntag, Larry Becerra, Tom Silletti, Gerry Matthews and dark horse candidate Pete don't know his last name , but he is the former super from Nastasi, will be offered jobs.

    Pete is said to be a D'Errico ally and has taken care of D'Errico over the years giving jobs to his pals, now he's calling in a favor.

    To quote Don Corleone: "Someday - and that day may never come - I'll call upon you to do a service for me. But until that day, accept this justice as gift on my daughter's wedding day."

  7. What i would like to know is WHY PeteWosner got fired from Nastasi Associates after so many years as a super??? Heard he got caught with his hand in the till just like FatSal-stealing money-materials-etc.Namely ripping Nastasi off big time.But u can never really believe just plain scuttlebutt unless it comes from reliable sources.

  8. The person who uses the alias "Anonymous", and expects to be taken seriously is definitely someone who thinks the rest of us are fools.

    "Anonymous", where is your credibility? Thank you!

    Kala Noirio


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