Friday, August 20, 2010

Finally: Crooked carpenters union official Brian Hayes pleads guilty to racketeering

Brian Hayes

A corrupt carpenter who liked getting hammered copped a plea to racketeering charges this afternoon after learning his drinking buddies ratted him out for pocketing payoffs in Irish pubs.

Brian Hayes became the last of eight crooked officials from the carpenters union to plead guilty in a case that brought down once-powerful labor leader Michael Forde.

Hayes admitted taking an envelope stuffed with more than $1,000 in cash to let a contractor, Turbo Construction, violate terms of its labor agreement in December 2004.

Hayes, a former business agent for Local 608, said he passed along the payoff to another crooked union official, who a source identified as John Greaney.

Greaney, former president of Local 608, pleaded guilty last month as part of a cooperation deal with the feds.

During his appearance in Manhattan federal court, Hayes also admitted lying under oath at a deposition in a court-ordered inquiry into corruption at the carpenters union.

Last week, prosecutors revealed that cooperating witnesses were set to testify that Hayes, a 39-year-old Irish immigrant, "cultivated his criminal relationship with other union officials and assorted contractors over drinks at Irish pubs throughout the city."

Under terms of his non-binding plea agreement, Hayes faces 30 to 37 months in the slammer when he's sentenced on Dec. 3.

He also agreed to forfeit $30,000 in ill-gotten gains from the racketeering scheme, which let contractors hire illegal aliens off the books and avoid required contributions to the union's benefit funds.

His guilty plea leaves charges pending against only one remaining defendant in the case, reputed Genovese crime family associate Joseph Olivieri, the longtime head of the Association of Wall-Ceiling and Carpentry Industries.


  1. Lets not forget that Joseph Olivieri was also the chairman of the Empire Council Welfare and Pension Fund who although has alleged long time "connections" was and never has been investigated by Spencer,Glenn or McCarron. Even after being indicted for his role with the NY City Council debacle I know of not a single investigation launched by McCarron,Spencer or Glenn to probe his actions or the movement of money while he was chairman of the Empire Funds. Lets ask the NY Office of the EBSA for a statement on what actions they are taking.Up until now it has been none.I challenge anyone to find a New York or Empire Council Officer that DOES NOT have gifts of golf,dinner and entertainment from Ceiling and Wall Association(Joseph Olivieri) listed on their LM30s

    In regards to Hayes. Hmm. Eight for eight plead guilty. That is eight confessed criminals in one Council under the supervision of Frank Spencer and Benjamin Glenn. Combined with those recently removed and those that ran for it by retiring we have one hell of an onion Frank has been peeling. Anyone have a running total. Yes sir Mr. Walsh. You and the US Attorney keep patting Frank and Dougy on the ass and give a few more speeches about how dedicated they are to cleaning up the corruption in the UBC.

    The US Attorney did one hell of a job cleaning out Forde and his rats.An eight for eight confession rate is one hell of a record. However there will be plenty of middle men to take their place. I am sure they are lining up now. As long as you let the head and the ass of the snake walk away you will have a job at the UBC for 20 more years.

    Mr. Walsh ..Since you will approve all future candidates for Council Office I must ask you.Hypothetically of course.If Douglas McCarron submitted an application with these skeletons in his closet would you allow him to hold Office in the NY District Council??

    A federal judge agreed, noting that Lucassen and McCarron had violated federal labor law and the union's own constitution.The election "smacks of (being) undemocratic," U.S. District Judge Edward Rafeedie said Thursday after a short trial, "and lends itself to the inference that this election was intended to produce certain results."(Sound Familiar Brothers and Sisters)

    In April, a US federal grand jury and the US Department of Labor launched separate investigations of UBCJA General President Doug McCarron. Both are investigating personal stock deals he made while sitting on the board of a union owned insurance company. I guess giving back 200,000 or so makes you not guilty of insider trading.

    Three retired carpenters union members have dropped a civil lawsuit alleging the misuse of a $2-billion union pension fund by its trustees, including union President Douglas J. McCarron and contractor Ron Tutor, as well as prominent financial advisor Richard Blum. A spokesman for the plaintiffs said they "accomplished many of their goals" in filing the federal suit nearly two years ago and simply were unable to afford to continue through the legal process.

    One wonders if Hayes and Fordes attorneys could not have presented an "if it is good enough for Doug McCarron it is good enough for us" defense.

  2. Question will Hayes then be deported ala Lucky Lucciano for being an "undesirable resident alien"???

    If not, why NOT!!!!

  3. will this fucking donkey be at the next 608 meeting?
    He's been at everyone since being indicted....

    And people shook his hand and patted him on the back!

  4. the membership need to rally at the dc and let them know enough is enough we are there bosses we need to clean house

  5. the stealing from the membership over paid dc employees who think they are doing you a favor when you need help needs to stop we the membreship are paying there salaries

  6. brothers as members we need to unite and demand that changes be made so far the same problems still keep happening year after year affecting our futures and families


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