Wednesday, June 25, 2008

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Heard on the Street…Lawrence D’Errico who is running for president of local 157 is expected to name business agent Danny Demorato as his vice president. Demorato aka “The Forger”, "The Slug", "Danny Bag of Donuts" was suspended for two-weeks and reassigned to local 608 on November 21, 2007 in connection with his involvement in the corruption scandal that led to the trusteeship of local 157.

Demorato served as Local 157 Trustee and Delegate to the District Council. From January to October 2007 Demorato falsified time records and activity sheets to cover-up corruption then pleaded with council leaders for his job saying he will "never do it again."

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Posted June 26, 2008 Election Monitor for the 2008 NYCDC election is, Mr. Steven Bennett of the law firm of Jones Day, he can be contacted at (212) 326-3930. You may also send him a fax at (212) 755-7306 or you may mail correspondence to Steven Bennett, Jones Day, 222 E. 41st Street, New York, NY 10017.

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  1. Great News,thats moving the local forward

  2. If word on the street is true, that's great news. It's about time they bring Danny back to the local

  3. back to business as usual.

  4. What happen Lawrence? Rambo and Pugliese wont forge the sheets for you.

  5. I think it's time for a Danny pole.
    ( Who thinks he should come back?)
    Here Lawrence this will help you make up your mind.

  6. Why don't you just bring Billy back to. OR even better yet the secretary that was stealing all our dues money. ( What ever happened to her?) Did she pay us back? Where is that money?

  7. Send tips eh, lets find out how good this site really works, and for whom.......

    This 157 thing is much too simple in order to say good riddence their goine let' em have the pension uncontested.
    Or is it any easier to extend courtesy to the district council for finding corruption they let out the back door in that
    " Credible Evidence "thing.
    How many 157 members weren't dependent on them at all for work.
    It is you those list men I speak to because I saw their supporters at the DEc 18 hearings praising them.

    The whole mess will be widely opened soon enough. Support from this site and those interested enough to make change in the current state of leadership @ the district council and elsewhere is sought to effectively affectuate policy which directly is ours to control.


  9. If the time sheet is a "BULLSHIT THING" like you say, why was he supended and sent to 608?

    Also no one is stopping you from saying goods things about Danny, please post all the good things Danny has done.

  10. Political Bullshit. That's what this is. All the shit is going to start flying. You have to make others look bad so you could look good. Everone is out for themself. Anyone that knows Danny knows he would give you the shirt off his back. They blamed him for the timesheets but that was the Business Managers job. Too bad he wasn't the Business Manager. They had nothing else on him so that's what they used. Now that he's going to run all the shit is going to start slinging. Oh and John in answer to question about the secretary that stole the money, weren't you the Treasurer at the time?

  11. Bill the broke carp walshJune 26, 2008 at 1:40 PM

    Danny stop crying you will be runnning alone no-one wants a bag of donuts.Besides lawrence is playing eveyone like a fiddle.

  12. The D'Erico slat Lawrence, Paul Caperso, Larry Brceera, Mitch Suntan,Anthony filthy Pugleisi,Richar d the puppet Tucello,Joe the puppet Lauraand these guyewho knows Louie, Tommy, and the forger

  13. hey wait, why should a guy that wont fight for the 50/50 rule come back?

    we need guy who will fight for the men and the sisters of 157!!!

    I remember when we had a 50/50 work law that meant something.

    what happened? / please no more puppets letting the con men at district council pull the strings.

    lets vote everyone out and make the head of the out of work list a elected position as well!!!!!!!

    lets bring the union back to the working men and women of the union local !!!!

  14. danny wouldn't, and couldn't help himself out of a paper bag.
    i've seen danny in action and it wasn't prity.
    he should have gotten fired with the rest of them.
    it's just he can't go out and get a job like freddy.
    no one will hire him.

  15. The D'Errico CampJuly 7, 2008 at 3:35 PM

    That Lawrence is such a piece of shit. I don't know how anyone would think of backing this scumbag. He is still playing with his own supporters. Who are starting to have doubt in him.

  16. What happened to the posts between June 26 and July 7. Are we experiencing censorship.

  17. Since there isn't up to date news here and there seems to be a censorship issue brewing let me expand on the tri-built /157scandal.
    I want to know where the Hanley, Kennedy, Dilacio indictments are.
    And if they don't materialize WHY IS THAT ?

  18. Danny Bag of DonutsJuly 8, 2008 at 11:50 PM

    Brother and sisters we have to demand charge against these theives. And file caharges against Lawrence and Danny for heloping them and not doing anything about it.

  19. i wonder what danny's father george think's about him ?

  20. There is a new website that deals with Crane accidents

  21. What ever happened to Jim Murray/Onpar? Rumor he took a plea and being sentenced this week. Is the creep gone to jail or is he now a govt witness fightin for the good of the Union??

  22. Well; I said it once, and my post disappeared off this page, so I'll say it again, only differently this time:
    As a new member, I'd like to ask a question. What exactly is the matching rule, and how is it used?
    From what I understand, when a job without international agreement begins, there is a foreman, company carpenter, steward, then 50/50. That’s easy enough to understand. If you ask a business agent, he'll repeat the rule verbatim: 50/50.
    Next, the tricky issue: How is the matching rule used in the real world? Can and will a steward or BA bypass the matching rule so as to not "punish" companies, for the good of the union? Apparently, the answer is yes.
    A problem with the out of work list lies in the random nature of who will arrive on site. Chances are the member may be far less competent than the company worker at getting a job done. Or, they might be too good, and make the company worker look bad.
    Who knows-- off the list is supposed to be an unknown factor anyway, though membership should ideally be always qualified. With sensitive jobs, highly experienced workers are a bonus to the company, so workers who know the routine are obviously more valued. Therefore, in some cases, going with the known is preferable to just rolling the dice, particularly when experience leads one to know the probable outcome. Of course, this mentality can lead to narrow mindedness, a fear of progress.
    How can we educate our members through actual experience if they are rarely able to work at all? Meanwhile, the same crew rotates through contracts all year long, as those on the list wait several months. It would be great if the A team were efficient and effective as they identify; however, when the focus is as much "job security" as quality, grave mismanagement occurs.
    "An injury to One; is an injury to All!" Once the 50/50 rule is violated all is chaos. How can an honest tradesmen concentrate on work when forced to second guess union officials required to do another kind of job? Company carpenters are loyal to their employer. Carpenters off the list must stand up for those out of work-- it is ethical & in their own interest, concurrently. Imagine pushing a freehand cut through the table saw wondering if you ought to call the anti-corruption hot line because everyone on site is conveniently ignoring rule violations. But we're told that those unmatched men are just there between jobs, or the another project fell through, so you wait it out, and then the company brings more men in, then your really conscience begins to shout "when will it end?"
    And who wants to call the anti-corruption number when a further removed third party gets involved and the lawyers take over. Court cases often take years, and the legal system is just as corrupt, we know. Meanwhile our union is weakened, reputation tarnished again by the muckraking press.

    We can only rely upon ourselves, the rank and file, to stand up for ourselves. Officials are either doing everything in their power to hold on to a post, to do as much good as they think they can, or they are corrupted by their power so much they actually work against the members of whom they're are supposed to serve (even if they individually believe in the union;) neither can fundamentally help the off-the-list carpenter because they are only human, balancing survival needs with a limited idea of the membership as a whole.
    Our purpose is joined with whom we really are. We function as the whole, our loyalty is unto ourselves; therefore we fight together against this ill -founded concept of a company man.
    "Which side are you on?"
    They are our siblings, but tragically misguided into laziness, graft, and dishonesty, by need for secure terms. Like an adult baby still sucking on a wrinkled teat, error against their starving brothers and sisters, apparently ignorant of the overall damage inflicted on society, the real family-- all for themselves. No, it is not the dirty stewards, BA's, delegates, etc. we should go after exclusively; instead the base is where our power lies-- when we have numbers, never will those shameless lackeys rule the roost of our honorable occupation again! No more will honest hard working men and women be forced into poverty, sickness and ill repute by assassins of truth telling & integrity. Becoming a captive of the company is not what building a strong union is all about. It is the job of rank and file to stand up against the conspiracy from above. No longer will we build the stronghold of Madoff Inc. with the precious wealth of the world.
    So we ask: when is it ok for a BA or steward to bend the rules? When does it to serve the interests of our membership to compromise and defile the integrity of carpenters on a site, by asking them to betray those on the list?
    Do we follow them blindly? Martin Luther King taught civil disobedience: that unjust laws need not be obeyed. We elected our union officials to serve the membership according to certain job descriptions. It is we who decide what is in the interest of the union, and it is in the constitution for them to follow. Anything else is betrayal and mayhem!

  23. Do the Dockbuilders 1456 still get to appoint their own stewards as a (specialty local)


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