Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Local 157 Films Exclusive--Teaser


  1. Hey john when is the whole video coming.
    Patiently waiting 157 member.

  2. this is our new leader ship.
    can we have the old ones back.

  3. does Rambo think he's RAMBO

  4. when is the video coming out

  5. So I herd Rambo called up John begging him not to run the video.
    What's the matter Rambo. All the members where upset that day that we couldn't ask any questions but we all stayed cool, com and collective ( even thow we are the one's getting right up the ass) but you, you flew off the handle with your big mouth swinging your hands in johns face like a big tuff guy. I sat there watching the whole thing. Some class act you are as a business agent. I think it all went to your head.
    lawrence the rat
    pugliese who needs a shower (BAD)
    and rambo who can't control his temper..
    god help 157

  6. Guy's if you have to be there just get your acts together.
    Take a shower, brush your teeth, shut your mouth and look professional.
    you make me look bad and all the other 157 member
    I'm almost in barest to say I'm in local 157 any more.

  7. John & Pat are just very disgruntled as they both lost thier hook up & cushy jobs, now they cant suck up to anyone anymore now that their boys were put to the curb like the rest of the trash!

  8. When you don’t tow the party line you are labeled disgruntled


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