Monday, June 2, 2008

Dirty Tricks Scandal at Local 157

Starting next week local157blogspot will run a four part weekly series on the events that led up to the scandal and trusteeship of Local 157.


  1. "Dirty tricks", Dirty Laundry Dirty criminals = Dirty Union.
    From the top down NYCDCC covered for 157. Think of it 10 years worth while on the watch of those which were supposed to find it

  2. It seems my comments though absolutley the truth can't sustain being censored. They aren't rude or offensive. I just want to tell the membership there is someone some-one-brother who'll open this 157 mess wide enough and let members know what is really going on with Hanley, kennedy Dilacio why they were so drastically removed. And they won't be able to keep thier pension either.

  3. hey john when are you gonna give the membership the up-date news on your friend mickey annucci?

  4. As an active union member I was wondering how much the BA, Anthony P, was paid off at 20 Exchange for not going back to the site or caring at all that it was taken over by non union members when there was still approx 7 months left on the project. Since he receives a weekly paycheck I was wondering if he was going to split his payoff with all the workers that were on that site. Due to the lack of concern on his part for his fellow union members what actions will be taken for the rest of us that were laid off without receiving a payoff? I cannot understand how a BA could let such significant work go or how a union hall could stand behind someone of his character.


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