Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Carpenter Boss decision expected soon

McInnis, next boss?
On Tuesday April 30, the council posted a statement saying, "Stephen McInnis, President of the New York City District Council of Carpenters, after consulting with the District Council’s Executive Committee, will appoint an interim Executive Secretary-Treasurer (EST) in accordance with the Constitution of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiner of America until an election takes place."

According to reliable sources, an executive committee meeting was held on Tuesday at 3:30 pm and McInnis "desperately" wants to appoint himself as EST, Pro Tem, but is wrestling with the rule in the UBC Constitution that would require him to resign the presidency in order to serve. Also several high ranking council employees have declined the top spot and a handful of others are considering and interested in the post.

A decision is expected by the end of the week and as soon as today.

The schedule of elections to fulfill the vacancy of the EST will be directed by Review Officer (RO) Dennis Walsh as per the Stipulation and Order, and is not expected to be a compressed election cycle, and may take a little over four months to complete. Assuming the RO asked Judge Berman for an order establishing June 1st as day one of the election cycle, AAA would not count the votes until October.

On Monday, April 29th, Michael Bilello, was vetoed by the RO as EST for violating several union rules — including directing a schedule pay raise into the Welfare Fund without proper authorization and letting a suspended union member work at the Javits Center and then lie about it.



  2. What the hell are they feeding him? Fat drunk & stupid is no way to go through life son!

    Soomeone take him to a gym for a membership application. This is what 20+ years of sitting on your ass & playing politics looks like. Imagine him on a job with the tools on, he;d be hiffing & puffing & crying for his Mommy before coffee break.

    We got any hand pays in the Trailer...go get one for fatass

  3. Too much a ringer of Forde for my .

  4. "a handful of others are considering and interested in the post."

    Murray the guy who sweeps at night..

    Carrol the bag lady out front of 395

    Nelson the guy who goes by the name of Dark Wizard and has reached level 3 of the latest Dungeons and Dwarfs Wii game

    These are the most qualified .

    Others are interested such as 2 Council officers and (Rumor has it that) "Toto" and "Martini Bar" but they are not worth a shit in the jobs they have now .

    Even money is on Carrol the bag lady but Nelson the Dark Wizard is a close second at 2-1.. The bookies are accepting bets in ecoins the new currency of the secret realm

    It has not been confirmed but somebody swears they saw Lebo with an application and petition sheet

  5. Former EST Bilello's written statement while running for EST in 1999. He made the same promises in 2011 & then flipped and flooped and lied and flopped some more before deciding on the no comment appproach & I don't wnat to influence the outcome line of b.s.

    Nothing worse in life than a liar and a thief & Mikey is both! Worse still was the blatant arrogance & defiance right to the end. Forde 11.25 years in Club Fed for $20M in criminal racketeering...Mike Bilello went for 10X more with the Fiduciaries/Trustees and McGuire Murphy approval...$200M. So when will the indictments issue for these clowns? We're waiting (type faster Preet, hurry up, times wasting and Mikey Forde needs the company)

    When I worked in Labor/Management and as a business agent I aggressively attacked this problem. It is the primary reason I was fired as a business agent. I was told by Roger Newman, who was the supervisor of the district council at the time, that I wasn't "a team player".

    My response to this is "I wasn't part of their team, I was there to do the job for the members!" One way to keep our funds secure is to assure that for virtually every hour worked under our collective bargaining agreements, the negotiated contribution is made to our funds. When a new district council is elected in December, it also means new trustees to the funds will be selected with the final approval of the delegate body. This should mark the beginning of the process to bring administration and control of the funds back to New York.

    This includes control of who the investment brokers are, the fees they are paid and overall fiscal responsibility. The rights and interests of our retiree members need to be addressed, insuring that every retired member who contributed to the funds for years, can live comfortably without having to choose between health insurance or eating. Active members need to know that they can look forward to retiring at the age of 55 and that the value of a pension credit will only increase from this point forward.

    Aggressive enforcement of collective bargaining agreements, and insuring that benefits for all hours of work are paid into the funds will contribute to this goal. The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation in Washington will only pay 5 cents on the dollar if our pension plan is terminated. It is up to us to insure its well being.

    Restoration of local union autonomy, including elected business agents is absolutely essential to the function and strength of this union. Business Agents need to do their jobs unimpeded by the threat of being terminated because of their politics, or their desire to do what's in the interest of their membership.

    Job referrals and appointment of stewards in compliance with the consent decree, are functions that need to take place at the local level. This would require the amendment of the district council by-laws. Amending the by-laws is accomplished through the delegate body. Such changes would probably sail through the whole process in New York, but would hit a wall when they went to Washington for approval by the First General Vice President, as all by-law amendments must do.

    Our next elected district council must look ahead to October of 2000 when the next general convention is held in Chicago and find candidates who are concerned about and will represent the rank and file members of this great union to oppose General President McCarron and his current administration. Vote ! December 10th and 11th, 1999 6:00 A M — 7:30 PM at the Borough of Manhattan Community College: 199 Chambers Street, New York, NY 10007 MICHAEL BILELLO For Executive Secretary Treasurer (EST) of The New York City District Council of Carpenters

  6. Good riddance this was worst 18 months in my career
    Think Biello is going to work with his tools ?
    Was this part of a plan to manipulate our future and the pension /welfare fund and how it is managed ? Ask yourself WTF happened. Lawyers are taxing us as corruption did.
    Good luck to the next elected EST dont fuck up.

  7. FACT: McInnis has two credits working as a carpenter.

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