Thursday, May 2, 2013

Carpenters union members reject contract; strike set

Members of the International Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners Local 308 on Tuesday voted to reject a proposed one-year contract with local contractors.

Dave Hogan, president of Local 308, said the members voted to strike at midnight Tuesday. Hogan said pickets will be set up at construction sites on Wednesday morning.

The union has 425 members and the strike will affect construction projects in Linn, Benton, Jones and Tama counties.

Hogan said the union is willing to meet with representatives of the general contractors to renew negotiations.

In May 2011, Local 308 members continued to work without a contract as negotiations continued. The carpenters union was the only one of seven local construction trades that was unable to reach a new contract with contractors.

The strike by carpenters union members is likely to affect a number of major construction sites in the four-county areas as well as smaller expansion or remodeling projects.

Construction projects tied to recovery from the June 2008 flood in Cedar Rapids have kept local building trades members working despite a nationwide construction slowdown due to the economic recession.

Source: The Gazette


  1. Watch for McCarron to sell them down the river in his haste to make love to the contractors. I'm sooooo embarrassed to be a Union Carpenter under McCarron. It keeps getting worse. McGuire must be spinning and spinning and spinning. No wonder private sector unionism is at its lowest point since the 20's. With people like McCarron and Trumka. And our wages and benefits are just an unconscionable percentage of what a tradesmen wages should be.. especially when we are exposed to carcinogens in every day work.

    Meanwhile McCarron's biggest decision is what type of wine to have with his lunch.

    God bless the members of L.U. # 308.



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