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New York, NY — The New York City District Council  of Carpenters announced today that it has reached an agreement with its largest employer association--the Association of Wall, Ceiling & Carpentry Industries of New York (Wall & Ceiling Association)--to implement the new collective bargaining agreement on Wednesday, May 22, 2013.

Upon Wednesday’s implementation, there will be an immediate increase of $2.13 in workers’ hourly compensation package. $2.12 of that amount, by the decision of the District Council’s Delegate Body, will go into the Health & Welfare Fund, which provides medical benefits for carpenters and their families. The Delegate Body also approved this measure as a way to maintain and eventually restore all benefits in the Fund for active and retired members. The other one cent will go into the District Council’s supplemental funds for scholarships.

“With these wage and benefit increases, workers can once again focus on the job at hand and not have to worry about how they’re going to support their families,” said Stephen McInnis, Executive Secretary-Treasurer Pro Tem of the New York City District Council of Carpenters.

The next two raises each at $2.40 an hour are scheduled for July 1st and August 20th of this year. That means there will be an increase to hourly wage rates and contributions to the Welfare Fund totaling nearly $7 an hour within the first three months of the 5-year agreement.

The implementation follows the decision and order issued be Federal Court Judge Richard Berman on May 8, approving the contract’s provisions, allowing the Wall & Ceiling contractors to hire District Council carpenters directly, except for the required certified shop stewards who are assigned by the union. The judge’s order also approved and required monthly reporting to him on new anti-corruption procedures to guarantee compliance with all of the terms and conditions of the agreement. These anti-corruption measures were developed in conjunction with the District Council, the Wall & Ceiling association and the federal government.

With more than 20,000 members in eight locals, the New York City & Vicinity District Council of Carpenters is one of the largest, most powerful trade unions in the construction industry.

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  1. The largest and most powerful trade unions, because of the amount of money the union fleeces the members for. And don't forget the biggest sellouts, of the members, the first to cut wages on PLA jobs. It goes on and on, Fuck the hard working members

  2. How do I obtain a copy of the new contract?

  3. Mye moro, og takk! Jeg lærte mye av innleggene dine, og virkelig likte å lese dem.
    snekker moss

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