Thursday, May 2, 2013

Video Review Officer Town Hall, April 15th Town Hall

Watch more videos below (note: second video is not playing properly, I am working on it)


  1. Prosecutorial Discretion.........h'mmmmm

    Discretion is the better part of valor. Valor takes courage.

    Well Gee Wally, good thing we got Matt Walker & the IGO & CCO and a buttload of direct evidence to bring down every Welfare Fund Fiduciary/Trustee and the two attorneys (McGuire & Murphy) who signed off & A-Ok'd Bilello's execution of the Hod Hoist Carriers contracted Wage Extortion scheme for Criminal Racketeering under the Federal RICO statutes.

    Dennis Walsh - it is high time that you get together with Benjamin Torrance, Preet Bashara, the FBI & the DOL-SOL, ERISA folk etc. and make an example of all of the participants in said racketeering scheme.

    The crimes have occurred, as have collection and transferrance of the Funds earmarked for member Wage increases alleged to have been "guaranteed" per Section 8 reallocation language within each respective contract (CBA)....(Wall & Ceiling, BCA etc., same boilerplate language, said payments from Contractors have crossed State lines, thus establishing necesssary predicate to the Prosecutor securing an indictment against the "players" has been established.

    All that is left is for Preet Bashara & the FBI to use that proscutorial discretion, secure the evidence from the D.C. & the separate entity Welfare Fund (on paper) via their subpoena powers (all paper & electronic records etc.), conduct the raids, put the USAO's office & FBI & your Investigators on a few weeks of O.T. (of their salaried, oh well) and let them know the std. line is "honey, don't wait up, working late, yada, yada) and once the base evidence is properly established, write the charges, get warrants when needed and do what you did with Forde & crew....5am wake-up call, bust them on the way out the door & let's get on with it.

    Afterall, Forde & crew stole $20M max, yet when the scumbags in the suits & ties concoct a Criminal Racketeering scheme to procure 10x more, OR $200M over 4.33 years (18+ Million M/H @2012 pace) right under your nose, Torrances, Bashara's & Judge Berman's - then Houston, we got a serious problem relative to the 23-1/2 year old Federal RICO case.

    Everyone of you risk your legacy and personal and professional reputations by failing to act! All of your credibility is at stake incuding the inherent authority of the Federal District Court.

    No time like the present to step up & do the right thing - then when this band of fools are tried, convicted and sentenced, we can collectively demonstrate that all the talk of ending racketeering & restoring democracy wasn't just talk or a worthless private contract to keep a select few out of the slammer.

    The lawyers alone have cost what....$50M over 23-1/2 years. We want Justice not more lawyer bills w/o providing tangible results. Also, we want you to find the canary that will give McCarron up and take him out as well. He's overdue for his come uppance.

  2. Honey, can you make some popcorn? WOW - Took long enough for Kwame to get this we're talking VIMEO....time for doing the same thing with the Delegate Meetings. Afterall, the rank & file who can't attend every Gallery have a right to see what is going on


  4. TODAY IS DAY 8,640: The NYCDCC has been under Federal scrutiny since September 6, 1990, or a Grand Total of 8,640 Days or, 23.67 Years or, 1,234.29 Weeks.

    The UBCJA, Judge Conboy & the Courts joint vision of transparency, elimination of racketeering and restoration of democracy has been in place since January 11, 2012; or, 477-Days = 68.14 weeks, which tranlsates to 477/8,640 (100) = 5.52% of the Total duration of Federal Scrutiny - 'statistically speaking'.

    Of the total, the other guys used 94.48% of the total duration or 8,163 Days while R.O.Dennis Walsh has used 5.52% of the total duration, or 477 Days

    The April 23, 2010 hearing before Judge Haight resulted in the filing of the Stipulation & Order,(Doc. No. 991)on June 3, 2010. It took 587 days or 19.3 months to formulate the rules & procedures hold Local Union Elections draft, review & finalize the By-laws, draft, review & approve Election procedures, screen & vet potential candidates, hold interivews, run background checks, conduct debates, hold the election, tally the results and seat the new Officers - all before the UBCJA's experiment in a new form of democratic engagement ala Harrington v .Chao, the Consent Decree, Judge Conboy's form of democratic engagement and the Stipulation and Order could begin or kick in and become operative.

    The R.O. and membership have had 477-days to adapt to the Internationals & Court experiment which arguably and wrongfully eliminated many potentially great candidates in favor of those with views deemed favorable to the UBCJA and their corporate agenda. Another words, once the members preferred candidates were eliminated, some with cause, many without, the stage was set for the UBC's selected yes men to win seats they would otherwise not have won in a fair and open election process as defined by Sec. 7 of the Act (NLRA 1935).

    Given the forced mandates of those who desired to experiment as opposed to complying with Federal law and the tried & true method of member choice of representatives deemed worthy under 7 of the Act, those failed decisions produced two of the worst candidates and Officers the District Council has ever seen, each resulting in a veto by the R.O.

    Without the avid, continued effort by the dedicated few members, the results achieved to date never would have transpired. The apathy card is dead as the D.C. is currently configured and designed to operate, but the McCarron culture of cronyism, feifdoms and corruption under the District Council structure and representative form of democracy he champions has failed miserably. This was shown repeatedly by the Bilello-Lebo tag team of forcing McCarrons agenda down the throats of the rank & file unwilling to accept it, their joint failure to lead independent of McCarrons demands, their disrespect of member rights, their bullying tactics, their continued ill preparedness and outright incompetence and malfeasance in office with the end result ending with each ones veto.

    We told you so, but nevertheless, those unfamiliar and unwilling to abide by Federal Law established in 1935 as to the method of Election, figuring they know better than those who came before them, chose experimentation over the Federal law as a furtherance of McCarron's national racketeering schemes where every known federal law & right relative to the NLRA, LMRA & LMRDA has been eviscerated and shredded beyond recognition & all without the Congressional mandate and requirement to initiate, amend, change or alter any of the respective laws. The two decisions he has used for 20-years to destroy the member rights guaranteed by the many federal laws, to gain access to property & assets he is not entitled to; both share the same base elements, Judges legislating from the bench and issuing rulings which cannot be sustained on any rationale or legal basis and certainly not upon known settled law & precedent decisions of their own circuits or the U.S. Supreme Court.

  5. from C-Box


    Lucky Leos: Walsh has carte blanche and will be completely backed up by McCarron ans the never ending UBC coffers. This racketeering scheme will be brushed under the carpet like everything else. (No pun intended David Meberg)************************

    the issues have been preserved for Appeal & Judge Berman has to follow precedent or he can & will be over-turned on Appeal. Lawyers pervert the law on a daily basis, it is who they are & what they do.....they play with words, they exploit the weak & infirm, the stupid masses if you prefer. What do you think the ROMAC love-fests are about? Brain-washing,,,,,we care, feigning compassion, sympathy even etc. Judge Berman is an honorable man, unlike Doug McCarron or the D.C. & Beneift Fund hack attorneys appearing before him in his Court. He sees right through all of their b.s. Have a little faith brother, the Judge will do the right thing.


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