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Bilello failed to beat Jinx

On Monday, April 29, 2013 Carpenter boss Michael Bilello was booted from his post by the court appointed Review Officer (RO) Dennis Walsh and became the fifth district council leader to run afoul with the law and unable to beat the jinx.

Bilello, 55 was elected on December 15, 2011 to head the New York City & Vicinity District Council of Carpenters after vowing reforms to the union. He reneged on his vows and violated several union rules — including directing a schedule pay raise into the Welfare Fund without proper authorization and letting a suspended union member work at the Javits Center and then lie about it.

Bilello violations won't land him a prison sentence, but do add to the Jinx

  • Mr. Bilello’s immediate predecessor, Michael Forde, is serving an 11-year term in federal prison for taking bribes
  • Frederick W. Devine was convicted in 1998 of embezzlement
  • Paschal McGuinness was acquitted of bribery but resigned in 1994 as part of a consent decree that settled a federal civil racketeering case and placed the union under court oversight
  • Theodore Maritas did not make it to court: he vanished in 1982 on the eve of his trial on mob-tied extortion charges, leaving behind only a wallet found floating near the Throgs Neck Bridge



    Now, given the 2-Term 3-Year Limit on an EST's (Officers) term, the By-laws failed to address an important factor:

    What happens upon the Termination, Resignation, Death or Veto of an Officer of the D.C. with respect to the Term Limits above when a member in Good Standing moves to fill the remainder of an un-finished three (3) year term in Office?

    - Can the member or members run, win election, be seated/sworn in and retain the right to run for two full 3-Year terms in office following his/her completion of the term filled for the member who was terminated, resigned, died or was vetoed?

    I believe the By-laws remain silent on this question & if true, an Amendment to the By-laws is in order, via introduction from the Legislative branch of the District Council.

    (hint: the Officers at the Dais are in the Executive branch of Government within the D.C. structure under McCarron's Harrington v. Chao representative form of democracy so be quiet on these things, you have no right to initiate any legislation because you are not in the legislative branch, thus be quiet, sit down, drink your coffee or soda and behave and let the legislative branch legislate)

    Note: The language should be drafted prior to the Delegate Meeting, discussed with other delegates, motioned, seconded and voted upon by roll call vote.

    Democracy - Use it or move to Syria...I mean - lose it!

  2. AnonymousApril 29, 2013 at 9:16 AM
    Just got done reading the First Interim Report of the R.O from Dec. 2010 (when everyone had high the song) all 463 pages w/ exhibits....

    Pay attention to the RO's NPA's & actual veto's sustained here (see exhibits) and by comparison, the people vetoed and their crimes & misdemeanors are petty by comparison to the scam's of Bilello, particularly w/ regard to the reallocation scam with the Welfare Fund.

    The RO cannot continue propping this guy up and doing his homework & thinking for him - period. Bilello has failed every known test over the past 15-months and is incapable of running an organization with near $5B in assets. Quite simply he is in over his head.

    Should the RO fail to veto his employment, and in essence re-write the play-book to cover for Bilello's unwavering incompetence at all levels, the high hopes die and the RO will lose any & all credibility he may have built up with the Court and with the rank & file worker/employee over near 3-years of otherwise respectable service.

    This is not about sucking up to D.C. hacks many of whom also need their last two pay-checks.

    This is about the RO's moral, ethical and legal compass and his obligation to abide by the terms & conditions of the Consent Decree and the May 2010 Stipulation & Order appointing him to be the eyes, ears and McGruff Crime Dog for the Court & Judge Berman.

    So, tick, tock, tick, tock we watch & wait to see if the same standards convicting others for far less serious charges will be applied to his choice for EST, Mike Bilello.

    This one is a no-brainer as the cliche goes & the RO's legacy will be forever tied to what he does right here, right now in the next day or two.

    Too many smoking guns for nothing less than a veto, severance pay, give me the keys to the vehicle & hand me the credit cards and have security escort him out of 395 Hudson.

    Will Elvis leave the building, stay tuned!

    THANK YOU DENNIS WALSH, you did the right thing.

  3. Bilello convicted himself as evinced here by his own words in 1999, his failed Campaign promises (his word, or lack thereof) and his actions once elected and sworn in. READ THIS ONE VERY CAREFULLY AS RELATED TO HIS ACTIONS WITH THE BENEFIT TRUST FUNDS etc.

    oppose General President McCarron
    From: The 1999 Bilello
    Date: 08 Apr 2012
    Time: 11:42 AM


    My Name is Michael Bilello. I have been a member of the United Brotherhood since 1975 when I joined Local 257. I am 42 years old, and currently a member of Local 157, which was formed when Locals 135 and 257 were dissolved in 1998. I came into the union as a first year apprentice and have worked every aspect of the trade from finish woodwork to dockbuiider diver. I have worked as a foreman and a job superintendent for much of my time in the union and I have worked out of the shape hall for the other half, serving much of it as a steward. In 1995 I ran for First Vice President of the District Council on the American Dream Slate, in the first district council election by the rank and file.

    One of the main issues I had in that campaign was the failure of contractors to pay benefits to our members. Following that election I attended Cornell University Labor Studies Program from 1995 through 1998 and received certificates in Labor Studies, including Union Administration, Organizing, Collective Bargaining, Arbitration, Labor History, Construction Labor Law, Human Relations and Psychology for Unionists, Theory and Practice for Building Trades and Health and Safety. In August of 1997 I was hired to work for the Labor/Management Fund.

    In April of 1998 I became a business agent for Local 157, which covers the eastside of Manhattan. I was fired from the business agent position in February of 1999 and went back to working on the tools.

    What I saw while working for the L/M Fund and the council, was massive benefit fund fraud. A large amount of the membership was and still is working for cash. $25.00 an hour with no benefits was the average rate. This is one of the biggest problems for carpenters, dockbuilders, millwrights, timbermen, hod hoist carpenters, and millmen and all participants of our pension and welfare plans. Our council has to aggressively work to eliminate this problem.

  4. john it is time........ time for you to run for est!! time!!!!! time to get this union on track and get rid of the stupidity!!!! the yes men!!!! time for a men to step up to the plate and show all the yes men and the rank and file that each one of us has a voice not to be scared!! it is time!!! it is time for John Musumeci for E.S.T. this men step up to all and beat them all!!! john it is time!!!!!! just do it!!!!!

  5. - CONT. -

    When I worked in Labor/Management and as a business agent I aggressively attacked this problem. It is the primary reason I was fired as a business agent. I was told by Roger Newman, who was the supervisor of the district council at the time, that I wasn't "a team player".

    My response to this is "I wasn't part of their team, I was there to do the job for the members!" One way to keep our funds secure is to assure that for virtually every hour worked under our collective bargaining agreements, the negotiated contribution is made to our funds. When a new district council is elected in December, it also means new trustees to the funds will be selected with the final approval of the delegate body. This should mark the beginning of the process to bring administration and control of the funds back to New York.

    This includes control of who the investment brokers are, the fees they are paid and overall fiscal responsibility. The rights and interests of our retiree members need to be addressed, insuring that every retired member who contributed to the funds for years, can live comfortably without having to choose between health insurance or eating. Active members need to know that they can look forward to retiring at the age of 55 and that the value of a pension credit will only increase from this point forward.

    Aggressive enforcement of collective bargaining agreements, and insuring that benefits for all hours of work are paid into the funds will contribute to this goal. The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation in Washington will only pay 5 cents on the dollar if our pension plan is terminated. It is up to us to insure its well being.

    Restoration of local union autonomy, including elected business agents is absolutely essential to the function and strength of this union. Business Agents need to do their jobs unimpeded by the threat of being terminated because of their politics, or their desire to do what's in the interest of their membership.

    Job referrals and appointment of stewards in compliance with the consent decree, are functions that need to take place at the local level. This would require the amendment of the district council by-laws. Amending the by-laws is accomplished through the delegate body. Such changes would probably sail through the whole process in New York, but would hit a wall when they went to Washington for approval by the First General Vice President, as all by-law amendments must do.

    Our next elected district council must look ahead to October of 2000 when the next general convention is held in Chicago and find candidates who are concerned about and will represent the rank and file members of this great union to oppose General President McCarron and his current administration. Vote ! December 10th and 11th, 1999 6:00 A M — 7:30 PM at the Borough of Manhattan Community College: 199 Chambers Street, New York, NY 10007 MICHAEL BILELLO For Executive Secretary Treasurer (EST) of The New York City District Council of Carpenters

    So, the chronology is simple.

    McCarron appoints Newman to supervise the NYCDCC

    Newman & Conboy as IRO give birth to the BLUE CARD VACATION WAGE extortion scheme

    Judge Conboy quits as IRO & goes to work for Doug McCarron

    McCarron & the NYCDCC corrupt & now convicted & sentenced Forde Regime (which they all endorsed mind ya) keep the "extorted monies", or ill gotten gains if you prefer.

    The UBC International also holds Fiduciary Liability Insurance for the misdeeds of it personnel. Time to dust off the policies ladies.


  7. "Bilello violations won't land him a prison sentence, but do add to the Jinx"

    Says who?

    Jinx my ass - this is a continuation of the inherent pattern of Corruption at the New York City & Vicinity District Council of Carpenters, only this time instead of a slew of Officers it involves the folk at the D.C.'s Benefit Trust Funds, (the Welfare Fund) and each & every Union & Employer side Fiduciary/Trustee must be formally charged with an NPA and subsequently vetoed by the Court appointed Review Officer.

    Past that, the violations of State & Federal laws and the causes of action required to secure an indictment, perp walk, pleadings, trials and convictions asre right under the nose for the DOJ-U.S.A.O. and we await Preet Bashara's action.

    Certain of the laws which Bilello & crew violated come with 5-10 year prison terms, fines, expulsion from the union and a ban on running for future office.

    Jinx my ass!

    Federal District Court Judge Richard M. Berman needs to void every contract thes efolk authored and approved and the R.O. needs to secure veto's against every one of the 60 D.C. delegates who voted for the August 22, 2012 MOU for the Wall and Ceiling contract (CBA) wherein the contract lanaguage securing so called Fudiciaries/Trustees was written into this contract, the BCA contract and the mnies extorted from the Hod Hoist men was to be extorted from every contract over 18-1/2, perhaps 19 million man-hours and subsequently illegally reallocated to the Welfare Fund in the exact same manner - the quid-pro-quo of dumbass Bilello.

    Moreover, McGuire, as the attorney of record failed to vet said contracts or actions and he too should be charged by the DOJ - U.S.A.O. with further charges filed at the State Bar to revoke permanently his license to practice law.

    They all belong in cells adjacent to Forde!

    McGruff the Crime Dog has a lot of work ahead of him and his Investigators and the Fed's should have a task force assempled right now and be working 6-days a week gathering evidence before they destroy it.

    Where there's Smoke, there's Fire and the District Council is smoldering again!

    You cannot have a double standard at the so called Dept/ of Justice - United States Attorneys Office wherein they only go after the blue collar clowns and they look the other way when the suits & ties hatch a scheme to extort 10 times what Forde & crew cost the D.C. ($20M vs. $200M)

    Covering up their RICO actions here by ignoring thes actions & looking the other way would be cause for Judge Berman to remove the R.O. and the USAO and prefer charges against them for aiding & abetting the continuation of racketeering.

    Where's the wire taps now, the securing of evidence, the paper trail, any/all electronic data, e-mails, letters, posty notes too. Timne for Walsh's ex-cops and sleuth Investigaros to worksome O.T.. Call the wife - you'll be late for dinner every night for the next month.

    Where's the Press cverage on any of this?


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