Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bilello—Veto is overreaching, capricious and unreasonable

PRELIMINARY STATEMENT—–As set forth more fully below, the Veto, which was issued on the basis of five stated grounds (each a “Specification”), should be overturned as an overreaching, capricious and unreasonable determination, unsupported by governing authority and indisputable facts.


  1. the declarations and affirmations are not available for some reason, why?

  2. says server not found, it is silly to have to make sense of the characters every time I post this prevents people from posting including me

  3. "The above is stated under penalty of perjury."

  4. Who is paying for all this legalese BS from Bilello?? I hope it's not us!!!

  5. We can only hope it takes a large chunk out of that 350k he made off our backs.


  7. This got Zemski's name written all over it!

    My God Mikey - you gotta be kidding, a note from a teacher, a liberal progrssive academic? Get real will ya, you are done, toast, bye, bye...hasta la vista baby.

    This is so lame it's pitiful. What the hell happened to the high priced Attorney Petrillo? Did he inform you that you have exactly squat for any causes of action?

    Seriously - time to Pension out buddy. You sold out the men with Full Mobility & PLA's at Hudson Yards & many othe projects. Your tenure as well as Lebo's were scary times, as in...what will these two boneheads do next?

    SNL is known as the "Not Ready for Prime Time Players". Does that ring a bell, you know...ding, dong, has the light bulb gone off yet?

    This was so predictable. McCarron & Conboy had to have a couple of dummy's & yes men to bamboozle & they used the RO to accomplish those ends. All one had to do was read your idiotic response's to Walsh's 500-word essay and anyone with half an ounce of brains knew as soon as that crap was published that you had zero business acumen and were too damn stupid to run a near $5 Billion dollar organization.

    Let's see, Judge Berman will take this submission & over-rule the review officer....think again. Wait a minute - you already failed that test.

    What's next a letter from the Pastor & Sister Mary Francis?


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