Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Judge Berman grants Full Mobility 

Breaking News...Judge Berman issued an Order today granting the implementation of Full Mobility.

The following is an excerpt from the Decision & Order––Most importantly, the CBA is a bargained over agreement and was approved by the Executive Committee of the District Council and by the Delegate Body of the District Council, lawfully designated representatives with the authority to approve collective bargaining agreements. 

Accordingly, it is ordered that the Court's May 26, 2009 Order (Haight, J.) is hereby modified and superseded to permit the parties forthwith to implement the full mobility job hiring and compliance procedures specified in the CBA between the District Council and the WC&C approved on April 25, 2013. 

The District Council will file with the Court every thirty (30) days after entry of this Decision & Order and every thirty days thereafter until further order of the Court a report describing (i) the progress and effect of the electronic jobs reporting procedures and the compliance and enforcement procedures under the CBA; (ii) the anti-corruption enforcement efforts of the District Council; and (iii) additional information regarding the CBA pertaining to enforcement of the Consent Decree. The application of Demian Schroeder [Doc. 1246] is denied for the reasons stated. 

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