Sunday, June 16, 2013


On April 29, 2013, the Review Officer vetoed the position of Michael Bilello as Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the New York City District Council of Carpenters ("District Council"), based on five findings supported by the Declaration of his Chief Investigator Jack Mitchell; the Mitchell Declaration detailed evidence including interviews and documents and was further supported by exhibits, including the declarations of others. This memorandum is submitted in response to Mr. Bilello's petition challenging the veto.

The veto should be upheld. The veto was a proper exercise of the RO's authority under Paragraph 5.b.iii of the Stipulation and Order entered in United States v. District Council of New York City and Vicinity of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, et al., 90 Civ. 5722 (RMB), on June 3, 2010. It should be affirmed under the applicable standard of review as the RO's findings are plainly reasonable and supported by substantial evidence in the record as a whole and consistent with the law, as discussed below. See United States v. District Council, et al. (Nee), 2012 WL 5236577, at *5 (S.D.N.Y. Oct. 23, 2012); see also United States v. District Council, et al. (Passero), Decision and Order at 4 (S.D.N.Y. June 5, 2013).


  1. Stupid is as stupid does, shit - Forrest Gump wasn't even spoon fed, yet Bilello, the braindead dolt & not ready for prime time player expects his lame counsels response to carry the day.

    One doesn;t get any dumber than this. He, like his pal Lebo got exactly what was coming to him. There is a snow balls chance in hell that Judge Berman will over-rule the R.O. and that is with or without Mikey's little fundraiser.

    Here's another question - After Bilello loses, will he refund monies collected from the morons who contribute to his defense?

    Also, when will the District Council & the UBCJA move to expel him from the Carpenters Union? Why the hesitation? This fool has got to go!


  3. Mickey's boys are always working, they'll not expect anything but the A rate jobs for $$ rendered. If he looses don't worry, plenty of scratch floating around @ 395 these days.

  4. there was never a more straight up individual as is the former EST Bilello, any one who says different is just a cheap imitation of a carpenter with no skills complaining that he can't get work, the RO must go, he is the corrupt one here, milking the district council of millions of dollars a year and you cheap imitation carpenters can't see it

    1. While the RO is corrupt, and I agree with you, he must go. That does not change the fact that Bullelo proved himself little more than a puppet for Walsh. Mike went back on every single campaign promise he made. There was less transparency under Bulello than Forde. Walsh rigged the election for Mike, if Walsh had not done so, Mike would never have been EST. Walsh simply removed an EST that had no business being EST.

    2. You can be the best damn Carpenter in the world & not have the slightest clue how to run a lemonade stand let alone a near $5B dollar multi-facted organization.

      Bilello may be the former but as to the latter - he never had a clue of where to begin let alone having the basics down of comprehending the business at hand, how to lead or how to install competent people around him.

      Leaders lead by example and they instinctively know the who, what, when, where why & how of delegating tasks to the right people. He had no idea how to accomplish any of this notwithstanding implementing a vision and a clear, focused agenda for two 3-year terms in Office.

      While it does not mean he was a bad person, it certainly does mean he was not a good leader or fit or ready to be the EST.

      Some things in life cannot be taught.


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