Saturday, June 22, 2013

BCA Signs Off on July 1 Implementation of CBA Wage & Benefit Increases

BCA signs off on July 1 implementation of new collective bargaining agreement providing for wage and benefit increases effective that date totaling $4.53 per hour, with the next raise of $2.40 per hour accelerated by nearly three weeks to be effective on August 20. These dates were approved by the Delegate Body at its June 12 meeting. Click to read letter from BCA.



  2. so does this mean that the members are going to have our slashed to shit benefits restored????enough of the members taking the hit. IT IS ENOUGH>

  3. If you dont want your benefits cut, start showing some backbone and go after all of the new non-union jobs this spring. Funny seeing 15d guys on a Cava job at 545 8th Ave- 40 story non union tower on the way.


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