Sunday, March 17, 2013

Proposed Orders regarding Full Mobility

On February 27, 2013 council for the District Council sent Judge Berman an Order being proposed by the District Council in support of the implementation of full mobility. Judge Berman invited members to comment and has accepted member letters from the rank and file in opposition of full mobility.

On March 11, 2013 carpenter Demian Schroeder filed an Order being proposed by the rank and file in opposition of full mobility.

On March 12, 2013 Judge Berman issued an order stating, the Court has reviewed the March 11, 2013 submission, of Demian Schroeder [Doc.1246] and has asked that:

"Any response(s) are to be served and filed by March 20, 2013, e.g., District Council, RO,Wall-Ceiling, etc. Responsive filings should include the status of union approval/ratification of the District Council/Wall-Ceiling collective bargaining Agreement, dated March 12, 2013.

John's note: In regards to the status of the submitted District Council/Wall-Ceiling collective bargaining Agreement, dated March 12, 2013. It has never been submitted to the delegate body for a ratification vote. The signed contract contains provisions that are no longer applicable or approved by the Delegate Body; for example: Section 13 references a non-existent “stamp plan” (page 48) and Section 8 references $2.13 per-hour allocated to the Welfare Fund (page 32) which was never approved or voted on by the Delegate Body. The only Delegate vote that ever took place regarding the WC&C was on a four page MOU on August 12, 2013 

Below are the two Orders being proposed.


  1. Anyone notice how District Council attorney Murphy won't just come right out and say they are specifically after 100% "Full Mobility" in the "Proposed Order" & how they make you hunt for it, via inane references?

    The lawyer game is & always has been to hide the shit they want no one to see; that way, they can pull it out of their bag of magic tricks down the road.

    The law, as they write it, always comes with the element of deceit. It's not black & white, clear & plain for all to see, read & absorb.

    No sir, they live in a phony world of constant lies, deceit, fraud or as they refer to it, the varying shades of grey between black and white.

    Jim Carey in Liar, Liar comes to mind - as does Joe Isuzu. The chief professions in wihch this is practiced are:

    - Lawyers;
    - Unions;
    - Car Salesman;
    - Realtors

    As we're all painfully aware, Lawyers are always at the head of the class or list when it comes to lying on a regular basis. It's who they are, it's what they do.

    Expose the Lies & the Truth will always come out!

    And, they hate it, absolutley hate it when you expose them for the scumbags they truly are.


  3. Schroeder's Proposed Order is clear.

    Modify the OWL List to:

    a Minimum of 70% OWL Hires, 30% Company Hires


    a Maximum of 90% OWL Hires, 10% Company Hires

    Judge Berman should approve this one. It will put the eyes & ears back in the field and it will employ NYCDCC members first, before all others, less foreman, general foreman, asst. & regular super's.

    That is how it should be. Doing this will also ramp up the Man-Hours going to the DC's Benefit Funds & keep the Money where it belongs.

    No more will you hear the giant sucking sound of McCarron's other District Council's running away with the monies from New York and Depositing it to other states Benefit Funds.

    The hell with the Travelers, let them stay home & work in their own areas.

    If they don't like it, let them pack up, move and come live in the city. Afterall, that's where all the jobs are. You wanna work here, you should live here.

    100% Full Mobility is McCarrons version of NAFTA.

    *************Carpetbagger McCarron needs to stay in California where he belongs!***************

  4. Does this mean you can still file a letter, as long as they get it by March 20?

  5. Why not file a letter by March is still an open issue. Send it in an request that the Court docket it for the record.

  6. If they approve full mobility and the companies are the ones hiring their own men then why should we need the union for just to collect dues and assessments? get the fk out of here with your fuking full mobility anti union. Bull's Sht....

    Remember the way a union was formed they fought and some die to create a union is our turn now to do our part to keep whatever we got left. let's get together and really be a union men. Some company guys only like the benefit of the union but don't support it. Must stay together as a union. That is what union means. Be UNITED.
    God Bless the Union.


    All those who support Bilello, 100% Full Mobility, 80% rates, a Never Ending Barrage of Contract killing PLA's & reversion of 100% Full Control of the DC & all Hiring to the Corrupt Contractor Associations, say aye:

    All those who support the members submission for 70%-30% to 90% - 10% Hiring for all Carpenters and reversion of Democratic control to the true rank & file member



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