Monday, March 25, 2013

Update: Bilello Rocked by Corruption Scandal

On Saturday we reported that...The New York City District Council of Carpenters is once again rocked by scandal as Executive Secretary-Treasurer Michael Bilello illegally diverted $2.59 per hour contract raise with the Hoist Trade Association, increasing the welfare fund contribution from $11.25 to $13.84.

Below is the fringe benefit agreement showing that the welfare fund contribution did in fact increase by $2.59 per hour on July 1, 2012. It is estimated that at least $1.5 million has been illegally diverted out of the pockets of hard working hod hoist carpenters.

Also today I called and sent the following email to Bilello and the District Council Officers, they did not return my calls or respond to the email.

Gentlemen: Can you please cite and supply authorities that allowed for the July 1, 2012 allocation of $2.59 into the Welfare Fund regarding the agreement between the NYCDC and The Hoisting & Scaffolding Trade Association.


  1. Great job John! Keep your foot on the gas pedal.


  3. ..."Yesterday we reported that"...
    Q:Who is "we" ?
    Thank you John .

  4. Hey guys in the contract it says $2.60 raise---not $2.59----1 penny X 1 million hours = $10,000 missing dollars

  5. The missing penny went into the supplemental fund?


  6. "The editorial we is a phenomenon, in which editorial columnists in newspapers and similar commentators in other media refer to themselves as we when giving their opinions. Here, the writer has once more cast himself or herself in the role of spokesman: either for the media institution who employs him, or more generally on behalf of the party or body of citizens who agree with the commentary."

    1. Boo-Hoo, Boo-Hoo, wah, wah! You could be a man.

      If everyone of you naysayers did 1% of the work John has done via serving, this blog, you would not have time to whine and agood many of the issues we face everyday out on the job with work rule violations, out of towners, fraud, corruption etc. would be resolved - if only you would stand firm & back each other up once in a while.

      This ain't no english literature class, so please. This concerns fraud, racketeering, destruction of your Local Union autonomy by Doug McCarron, i.e. your right to vote for Local Union Officers and pay them to get you work. The D.C. schmucks could give a rats ass about you & yours, because under Doug's Dictatorship they all got theirs & they only had to seLl their soul & sell you out to stay employed in the At Will NYCDCC Make Work Welfare Program.

      McCarrons got what $625+ Million in the Bank & the D.C. another $65 Million, plus or minus a RICO indictment or two. Have you seem what these boobs cost on a month;y basis for producing squat? Wake the hell up.


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