Thursday, March 28, 2013

It Was a Mistake

Bilello–I didn't know
"It was a mistake, I made a mistake, I didn't know," no one in my administration told me that the Bylaws state the delegate body decides all questions of allocation of trust fund monies.

Those were the immortal words uttered by Executive Secretary-Treasurer Michael Bilello at last nites delegate body meeting as he was questioned on violating Section 21 of the District Council Bylaws.

Last nite we learned, Bilello failed to seek delegate body approval and improperly diverted a July 1, 2012, $2.59 per hour contract raise with the Hoist Trade Association into the welfare fund.

Bilello failed to seek delegate body approval and improperly diverted a January 1, 2013, $2.46 per hour contract raise with the Millwrighst Association into the welfare fund.

And Bilello failed to seek delegate body approval and attempted to improperly allocate the contract raise with the Association of Wall-Ceiling and Carpentry Industries agreement; the March 12, 2013 executed CBA submitted to Judge Berman for approval purports to allocate $2.12 per hour to the Welfare Fund.

Bilello also failed to mention the notice of possible action letter he received from Review Officer Dennis Walsh, when questioned he said "I am not going to talk about it."

Among other things that happened last nite, the Bilello administration recommended approving the three contract raise allocations to the welfare fund, motions were made, debated and approved by the delegate body.

I'll have more to say later...Stay tuned.



  2. I'll have more to say later...Stay tuned

    Later than 4/4 ?

    We thinks the game is rigged at the top and the new norm ain't Mr. Saul, its Lawyers, DC Goons, and money.

  3. Now I think walsh and the est should be both hung in a state execution. One is stupid puppet and other is pulling the strings!

  4. Mistake my ass. I made a mistake when i voted for you. You flip flopped on everything you ran on in your campaign. Your a disgrace and a fucking liar

    1. Of all the charges brought against Mike Billeo. Which one would he gain something./ Was there anything "fishy about the monies that were put into the welfare fund..Is not putting money into a welfare fund a good thing. Can anyone one on his blog actually right down in words what he may have gained by not getting the vote by the delegates. Is it not something that they would have approved of anyway.
      It sounds to me like these are trumped up charges. It is more than obvious that Billelo has been working hard getting raises for the membership. Just looking at the photo of Mr walsh shows a man who has a chip on his shoulder. There seems to be a lot of hate on this blog. I will pray for the carpenters that that they will only be so lucky to have leadership that gets them work and raises as Billelo has done.

      Good luck

  5. I never heard of a raise where carpenters did not see a salary increase...The est bilello has been going to union meetings for years...he has been involved in the UBC for years..joined the United Brotherhood of Carpenters in 1975,... Bilello also attended the New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations ...He was business agent for Local 157....The EST of Dc....To make the claim that he did not know that delegates must approve all contracts and raises is bullshit!

  6. I am a member of the carpenters union. Am i not entitled to know how the delegates voted? What delegates voted yes to these contracts? What delegates voted no?..Are votes a secret on contracts? Will the EST continue to take our money and put it where he wants without notifying anyone?

    1. You are entitled to know all of the buisness thats conducted with your hard earned money. The Ro told the judge that the mous were voted on in a legal democratic fashion. That is a bold face lie I say there is no democracy when a member doesnt have any information about when issues are going to be presented to the delegates to vote. This is a paramount issue for the members to take up with their delegates and the Flim Flam RO. OLMS filie ACLU representation denying democracy of any for. Its all a scam by McCarron Conboy,Walsh, the Executive Committee, Matt Walker ( Any Jerseycop appointed by the International is highly suspect) Mike Billelo (yeah right you didnt know bye bye Mike).

  7. How can anyone vote for and elect delegates without knowing that delegates voting history on contracts? Even the senators and congressman have their voting records posted online


  9. we should nunk pro junk bilello, I mean I anyone made a clear and obvious mistake, it was anyone who accidently put a tick beside the puppets name on the ballot.

  10. "It was a mistake, I made a mistake, I didn't know," no one in my administration told me that the Bylaws state the delegate body decides all questions of allocation of trust fund monies.

    Three words for ya Mikey....Idiot, Imbecile, Moron. So which one are you?

    Your boy Lebo signed on to the response to the Restructuring Plan submitted to the honorabl Judge Berman's court nearly two years ago on July 1, 2011.

    In it cases were discussed citing ignorance of the law not being a plausible excuse. In the instant matter relative to your malfeasance in office, your actiosn remain criminal, so you better lawyer up dumbass.

    No one in my adminsitration told me....The dog ate my homework, wah, wah - boo-hoo. Too damn bad.

    Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way - remember that one Mikey? You are unfit to lead anyone, bottom line. You don't have the smarts to out-wit the R.O. nor the foresight to see how he has used you, notwithstanding the fact that he has done your homework for you for the last 3-years....wink, wink. Your quid-pro-quo deal has blown up in your face and his, exposing the two of you for the sham's you've been before the honorable Court, before Judge Richard M. Berman.

    Time to Pension out & run buddy. Call Pete Thomassen and he'll fill you in on how to stay out of jail. Sorry, I meant Club Fed.


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