Friday, March 15, 2013

Delegate Body Approves New BCA Contract

(John's note: It took Bilello over a month to post this information, so much for keeping you informed, also they failed to include the date in their post, the vote was on February 13, 2013, which I posted on the 14th.)

The New York City District Council of Carpenters’ Delegate Body approved a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) that provides a nearly 11% wage and benefit increase over the life of the contract which expires June 30, 2015. The new contract between the District Council and the Building Contractors Association (BCA) contains a new Market Recovery addendum created to put members to work on jobs previously lost to non-union contractors throughout the city.

In addition, members will see an increase in their wage and benefit package of $2.13 an hour upon implementation, and another increase of $4.80 on July 01, 2013, followed by another $2.40 increase July 01, 2014. The wage and benefit package will rise to $94.36 at the end of the deal, from a current level of $85.03--a nearly 11% increase.

This new agreement contains the same manning provisions contained in the Wall and Ceiling Agreement previously approved by the Delegate Body, requiring employers to match all non-NYCDCC local members with a dispatch from the NYCDCC Job Referral list. That provision is aimed at capturing between one and two million hours a year, which are worked in our jurisdiction by members of other district councils, and the contributions our benefit funds lose when those hours are transferred to non-NYC District Council benefit funds.

The NYCDCC Executive Committee and the BCA reached a tentative agreement in February. Now the delegate-approved CBAs containing the new manning provisions and compliance requirements mandated by the court appointed Review Officer, have to be approved by Federal Court Judge Richard Berman before they go into effect.

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  1. can you post it? why does it no include anyting on full mobility? what re they hiding?


  2. A raise, ha! every job is going to be PLA or Market Recovery!

  3. So what was the Roll Call Vote Tally?

    Oh that's right - the Council yes men refuse to honor any question/request to actually count any vote. Hey, their visual acuity & speed at dividing the floor & counting the vote in 2.3 seconds is legendary, just ask them!

    The 3-stooges got their heads jammed so far up McCarrons ass it ain't feven funny.

    COUNTING VOTEs, WHAT'S THAT HAVE TO DO with ANYTHING? WHAT'S WRONG with YOU GUY's? You don't want to piss off the entrenched Layer Mob do ya? By all counts, they've stole more Money in 23+ years than the Mob ever did.



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